Best Conflict Resolution Training Courses in Australia (Found 5 training providers)

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5 Best Conflict Resolution Training Providers in Australia

Find out where you can learn Conflict Resolution in the following cities :
Professional Development Training
Established in: 2013
Cities: Melbourne
Address: 201/21 Mary Street Level 2 Metro 21 Building Brisbane QLD 4000 Australia

PD Training is trusted by thousands of companies from the frontline to the boardroom. We are Australia's leading provider of professional development training, cutting edge psychometric profiling and HR services. Our network of over 400 specialist trainers delivers tailored training nationwide.
PD Training delivers training throughout the whole of Australia and globally. Our Public Schedule is delivered in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth 

Conflict Resolution Training

Cities: Melbourne
Duration: 0.5 days
Education type: Inhouse Face-to-face
As a result of differences in needs, opinions, expectations, and often completely different individual perspectives, conflict arises. Conflict is an inevitable part of any human relationship, but it can be a powerful tool for personal and professional development if managed well.

Recognising and managing conflicts, as well as anticipating future ones, is integral for sustaining relationships. Unmanaged conflict can have far-reaching consequences on both staff and customers, damaging the business’ financial standing. As a result, it is imperative that the organisation places importance on creating strategies for resolving conflicts quickly and amicably, while fostering trust and dedication among clients and co-workers.

Managing Difficult Conversations Training

Cities: Melbourne
Duration: 0.5 days
Price: AUD 495
Education type: Virtual-instructor-led
In order to manage difficult conversations successfully, specialized knowledge and skills are required, since these types of conversations can be quite challenging without them. During this training course, participants develop an understanding of where, when, why and how to conduct difficult conversations.

At the end of this course, professionals will be able to control a difficult conversation at all stages of the interaction, so they can reach the desired outcome. It is a necessary skill in the management of human resources, handling difficult customers and managing teams.

Dealing with Difficult People Training

Cities: Melbourne
Duration: 0.5 days
Price: AUD 495
Education type: Virtual-instructor-led, Inhouse Face-to-face
During this Dealing with Difficult People in the Workplace training course, participants will learn how to approach, engage and better manage difficult people, as well as how to understand and influence them, so that a successful resolution can be achieved without creating negative feelings or damaging relationships.

The course includes training in recognising attitudes and actions that impact others, using effective management techniques to deal with difficult people, using tools to deal with anger, developing coping strategies, understanding motives and behaviours and many more. As part of the course, participants receive a personality profiling tool report, which assists them in better understanding themselves and how to interact with others.

We Train
Established in: 2018
Cities: Melbourne

In Australia, WeTrain delivers accelerated learning for fast results.

Using advanced tailoring of accelerated learning principles, we offer dynamic, interactive learning sessions that are engaging and highly informative.

Our training sessions are custom designed to fit your organisation's needs and align with your business objectives.

Conflict Management Training Training

Cities: Melbourne
Duration: 2 вфни
Education type: Inhouse Face-to-face
In the workplace, conflict is sometimes inevitable in order to reach growth and progress. Healthy debate can be constructive but when dialogues become stuck, it can give rise to animosity that hampers development. This can cause feelings of hurt, strained relationships and a lack of productivity. This course will provide delegates with the skills they need to successfully resolve issues in a positive manner that results in an overall win-win situation for all parties involved, while benefitting the business long-term.

  • Outcomes of learning
  • At every level of business, conflict can escalate
  • Conflict types, stages, and the difference between spontaneous and reflective actions
  • How to resolve conflict with positive outcomes for all parties
  • Minimizing conflict through active listening, paraphrasing, and body language
  • Business opportunities that can be derived from conflict
  • Communication's role in conflict resolution and intervening in conflict situations
  • Enhancing productivity and performance by leveraging conflict
  • Conflict resolution support for fellow team members

Academy Global
Established in: 2004
Cities: Melbourne

Instilling confidence, expertise, and knowledge through engaging and rewarding learning experiences is how we build capability.

With over 20 years of experience providing corporate and government training, AcademyGlobal (AG) has been conducting training in over 20 countries on five continents. Our faculty has held senior management roles in commercial organizations and government agencies, with deep expertise in strategy, leadership, management, negotiation, finance, procurement, contract management, project management, and risk management.

By partnering with professional bodies, universities, and management associations, we combine academic rigor with intensive workshop facilitation and engaging online learning.

A wide range of clients are served by AcademyGlobal, including commercial, government, and non-profit organizations. Among our industry segments are banking and financial services, infrastructure, agriculture, telecommunications, consumer electronics, logistics, property, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and health care.

Developing our clients' knowledge and skills helps them achieve their goals with more confidence.

Effective Conflict & Communication Skills Training

Cities: Melbourne
Duration: 1 day
Price: AUD 490
Education type: Face-to-face
Through this workshop, participants will learn about conflict's underlying causes and how communication can help resolve them. Participants will learn practical skills that they can apply to their work and personal lives in a strategic and timely manner by recognizing their own conflict handling styles and contrasting these with those of others.

  • Recognize the benefits of constructive conflict and misconceptions about it
  • Conflict cycle: causes and warning signs
  • Identify communication barriers and understand how communication works
  • Identify your communication style and how you handle conflict
  • Engage in active listening and effective questioning
  • Mediation and confidentiality: understanding their roles
  • Easily take on a mediation or facilitation role
  • Manage emotions effectively by applying techniques
  • Learn how emotional intelligence can be used to resolve conflicts effectively
  • Improve feedback delivery

The Pivot Institute
Established in: 2015
Cities: Melbourne
Address: Level 1, 46 Edward Street, Osborne Park, WA, 6017

Greeting you to the esteemed Pivot Institute, an RTO based in Perth's CBD (RTO Code 51586), and winner of various awards. We provide an array of nationally recognised qualifications and non-accredited programs that have been delivered to numerous participants to date. Our effective business training and consultation services have been utilised by distinguished organisations like BHP, Woodside Energy, Department of Transport, Fremantle Health and Hospital services, Department of Defence and Department of Justice - just to name a few!

Conflict Resolution Training

Cities: Melbourne
Duration: 1 day
Education type: Inhouse Face-to-face
Conflict is an unavoidable part of life and needs to be managed and resolved constructively for the benefit of both the individuals involved and the organization. In this program, participants gain valuable knowledge about managing and resolving conflict within their organizations, as well as moving toward constructive outcomes.

CMA Consulting Group
Established in: 1993
Cities: Melbourne
Address: 89 Wellington Street, St Kilda, VIC, 3182

Providing consulting and training services that help your people build relationships and add value. 
There are many consulting and training companies out there. Some specialize in one area, while others try to do everything. What makes CMA Consulting Group different?

Getting Past Conflict Training

Cities: Melbourne
Duration: 1 day
Price: AUD 1511.40
Education type: Face-to-face
You will learn how and why conflict arises, how to minimise its impact, and how to manage it effectively in our one-day Getting Past Conflict workshop.

In the face of conflict, we teach participants to respond constructively, thoughtfully, and with purpose, resulting in more stable and lasting workplace relationships and more time spent on solving problems.

As a result of this workshop, you, your team or organization will be able to:
  • Identify the causes and effects of conflict.
  • Create a safe environment for difficult conversations by initiating them.
  • Learn how to manage your emotions during times of conflict.
  • If the other person shuts down or expresses strong emotions like anger, frustration or disappointment, respond constructively.
  • Learn strategies for creating mutually beneficial outcomes and develop a more flexible approach to resolving disagreements.
  • Enhance their ability to discuss difficult or sensitive issues in a constructive way.
  • Get in touch with our team to learn more about partnering with CMA.

Conflict Resolution Training Courses with Reviews

How to choose best conflict management training course

Conflict is an unavoidable part of life. Whether it’s in the workplace, at home, or in any other setting, it’s important to be able to manage conflict effectively. That’s why so many organizations are investing in conflict management training courses for their employees. But with so many options out there, how do you choose the best course for your needs? In this blog post, we will look at some key factors to consider when selecting a conflict management training course that is right for you and your team. We will also discuss some of the benefits of taking such a course and how to maximize your results.

Why conflict management is important

Conflict management is important because it helps individuals and groups resolve their differences in a constructive way.

When managed effectively, conflict can lead to positive outcomes such as improved communication, greater creativity, and increased understanding.

poor conflict management, on the other hand, can result in negative consequences such as damaged relationships, decreased productivity, and decreased morale.

For these reasons, it is important to choose a conflict management training course that is right for you and your organization.

Who needs conflict management skills

Conflict management skills are important for anyone who wants to be effective in resolving conflicts. These skills can be learned through conflict management training courses, which can teach you how to handle conflicts constructively and resolve them in a way that is beneficial for all parties involved.

The benefits of learning conflict management skills are numerous. For one, it can help you avoid costly and time-consuming litigation. It can also help you build better relationships with others, as well as improve your communication and negotiation skills. Additionally, learning these skills can help you become a better leader and manager.

If you are interested in taking a conflict management training course, there are many things to consider. First, you will need to decide what type of course is right for you. There are online courses, as well as courses offered at colleges and universities. There are also workshops and seminars available.

Once you have decided what type of course is right for you, the next step is to find a reputable provider. There are many different providers of conflict management training courses, so it is important to do your research before selecting one. Be sure to read reviews of the provider and make sure they have a good reputation.

Once you have found a reputable provider, the next step is to register for the course. Most providers will require payment upfront, but some may offer financing options. After registering for the course, be sure to complete all assignments and participate in all activities. This will ensure that you get the

How to choose best conflict management training course

When looking for a conflict management training course, it is important to consider the following factors:

1. The focus of the course. There are many different types of conflict management courses available, so it is important to choose one that will focus on the specific type of conflict you are interested in learning about. For example, if you are interested in learning how to manage workplace conflicts, then you should look for a course that specifically focuses on that topic.

2. The level of the course. Another important factor to consider is the level of the course. There are many different levels of conflict management courses available, from beginner to advanced. It is important to choose a course that is appropriate for your level of experience and knowledge.

3. The format of the course. Conflict management courses are typically offered in either classroom or online formats. If you have a preference for one format over the other, make sure to choose a course that offers the format you prefer.

4. The length of the course. Conflict management courses can vary greatly in terms of length, from short workshops to multi-day seminars. Consider how much time you have available to dedicate to taking a course and choose one accordingly.

5. The cost of the course. Conflict management courses can also vary greatly in terms of cost, depending on the provider and the format of the course. Make sure to consider your budget when choosing a course so that you don’t end up spending more than you

Latest Reviews

We Train

2023-01-06 13:10:23 UTC
"I was always struggling with how to appropriately communicate my dissatisfaction with a boss or employee when it's warranted without causing unnecessary conflict, but I had all of the information that I needed to address the situation professionally. Now my stress levels are at an all time low. Saved me so much hassle."

Professional Development Training

2023-01-06 13:10:49 UTC
Discovering this training course has given me a support and sense of hope in everything that I am doing. I am now able to communicate more effectively with others, even those who might disagree with me.

Professional Development Training

2023-01-06 13:11:09 UTC
"I did the conflict management course with Sandra and I feel like I can finally deal with confrontations."

We Train

2023-01-06 13:11:31 UTC
I am a HR manager who has been tasked with stabilizing these hard years. The market conditions have been hard on our company and they have been hard on my team. After one of our latest group trainings from I consulted, I noticed that significantly more people were meeting their goals and this was a direct correlation to the course.

Academy Global

2023-01-06 13:12:03 UTC
I believe that this is a great way for me to learn more about how to deal with conflicts in the workplace and family. I am taking the course because I sincerely feel this will be very useful in my life.

Academy Global

2023-01-06 13:12:16 UTC
"I would definitely recommend this course for anyone who is facing conflict. The last six month of my life has been filled up with drama. After the training I have learned that I am not the only one in this situation, but it made me prepared to deal with conflicts and there consequences."Gogetstyle

CMA Consulting Group

2023-01-06 13:13:01 UTC
I was a manager who had difficulty dealing with conflict and this course helped enormously. It not only made me a better manager, but it also helped all of my employees as well.

The Pivot Institute

2023-01-06 13:13:22 UTC
Even though you might not always be able to avoid conflict, it's important to know how to handle it. I was lucky enough to start a few years ago during a major customer service training event that my company had. Now as an HR professional and as a 14-year veteran in customer service myself, I highly recommend this course.