Best Negotiation Training Courses in Australia (Found 3 training providers)

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3 Best Negotiation Training Providers in Australia

Find out where you can learn Negotiation in the following cities :
Professional Development Training
Established in: 2013
Cities: Melbourne
Address: 201/21 Mary Street Level 2 Metro 21 Building Brisbane QLD 4000 Australia

PD Training is trusted by thousands of companies from the frontline to the boardroom. We are Australia's leading provider of professional development training, cutting edge psychometric profiling and HR services. Our network of over 400 specialist trainers delivers tailored training nationwide.
PD Training delivers training throughout the whole of Australia and globally. Our Public Schedule is delivered in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth 

Negotiation Training Training

Cities: Melbourne
Duration: 0.5 days
Price: Virtual-instructor-led – AUD 495
Education type: Virtual-instructor-led
As a result of completing the PD Training Negotiation Skills Course, you will be able to resolve points of difference, gain an edge in a discussion, come to an agreement on action plans, or bargain for your own or a group's benefit. It takes training and practice to master negotiation, but it is a process that can lead to positive outcomes and create relationships.

In this highly interactive, learner-focused Negotiation Skills Training Course, you'll gain winning negotiation skills and tactics, so you'll feel better prepared and more confident during negotiations.
Academy Global
Established in: 2004
Cities: Melbourne

Instilling confidence, expertise, and knowledge through engaging and rewarding learning experiences is how we build capability.

With over 20 years of experience providing corporate and government training, AcademyGlobal (AG) has been conducting training in over 20 countries on five continents. Our faculty has held senior management roles in commercial organizations and government agencies, with deep expertise in strategy, leadership, management, negotiation, finance, procurement, contract management, project management, and risk management.

By partnering with professional bodies, universities, and management associations, we combine academic rigor with intensive workshop facilitation and engaging online learning.

A wide range of clients are served by AcademyGlobal, including commercial, government, and non-profit organizations. Among our industry segments are banking and financial services, infrastructure, agriculture, telecommunications, consumer electronics, logistics, property, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and health care.

Developing our clients' knowledge and skills helps them achieve their goals with more confidence.

Negotiation Essentials Training

Cities: Melbourne
Duration: 1 day
Price: Virtual-instructor-led – AUD 750. Face-to-face – AUD 750
Education type: Virtual-instructor-led. Face-to-face
As a result of a series of case studies, role-plays and self-reflection, this workshop will equip you with the confidence to negotiate universally. During this course, participants will gain a better understanding of negotiation styles, preparation and planning, benchmarks, tactics, and locking in a deal.

The learning outcomes are:
  • Negotiation recognition and definition
  • Identify the role of the negotiator
  • Negotiation skills can be learned
  • Understand what makes a good agreement for you, your agency, and the other party
  • Utilize power and leverage effectively
  • Develop a negotiation framework
  • Negotiations are closed
CMA Consulting Group
Established in: 1993
Cities: Melbourne
Address: 89 Wellington Street, St Kilda, VIC, 3182

Providing consulting and training services that help your people build relationships and add value. 
There are many consulting and training companies out there. Some specialize in one area, while others try to do everything. What makes CMA Consulting Group different?

The Skillful Negotiator Training

Cities: Melbourne
Duration: 2 days
Price: Face-to-face – AUD 2,369.40. Virtual-instructor-led – AUD 1895.50
Education type: Face-to-face or visual
Skillful Negotiator is a two-day program designed to develop concepts and skills underlying principled, interest-based negotiation. The workshop prepares participants to manage any negotiation, no matter how challenging it may be. In addition to creating value, they will learn how to communicate effectively, prepare for upcoming negotiations, and deal with difficult behavior.

Our workshops provide participants with the tools necessary to increase their confidence, manage difficult moments, and improve their outcomes, even when their counterparts are behaving competitively.

As a result of this workshop, you, your team, or organization will be able to:
  • Create higher-value outcomes, both in terms of substance and relationship.
  • To prepare for negotiations together, establish a "common language."
  • Avoid stalemate and conflict with clients and customers.
  • As negotiations become more difficult, develop confidence and a willingness to "stay at the table."
  • Avoid escalating conflict by resisting demands, threats, or other damaging behaviors.
  • Build your reputation as a fair, collaborative, and commercially savvy organization.
  • Learn more about partnering with CMA by scheduling a consultation.

Negotiation Training Courses with Reviews

There are several ways to improve your negotiation skills:

  • Practice: The more you negotiate, the more comfortable and effective you will become.
  • Research: Research the other party and the topic you will be negotiating. This will give you a better understanding of their interests and needs, and allow you to tailor your approach.
  • Be Prepared: Make a list of your own interests and needs, and have a clear understanding of your bottom line. This will help you stay focused during the negotiation.
  • Listen: Pay attention to what the other party is saying, and try to understand their perspective. This will help you find common ground and identify potential areas of compromise.
  • Communicate Effectively: Use clear and concise language to convey your message. Avoid using jargon or technical terms that the other party may not understand.
  • Stay Flexible: Be open to new ideas and be willing to compromise. This will help you find mutually beneficial solutions.
  • Know When to Walk Away: It's important to know your limits and when it's no longer worth it to continue negotiating. Be prepared to walk away if the other party is unwilling to compromise or if the deal no longer meets your needs.

Latest Reviews

We Train

2023-01-06 13:10:23 UTC
"I was always struggling with how to appropriately communicate my dissatisfaction with a boss or employee when it's warranted without causing unnecessary conflict, but I had all of the information that I needed to address the situation professionally. Now my stress levels are at an all time low. Saved me so much hassle."

Professional Development Training

2023-01-06 13:10:49 UTC
Discovering this training course has given me a support and sense of hope in everything that I am doing. I am now able to communicate more effectively with others, even those who might disagree with me.

Professional Development Training

2023-01-06 13:11:09 UTC
"I did the conflict management course with Sandra and I feel like I can finally deal with confrontations."

We Train

2023-01-06 13:11:31 UTC
I am a HR manager who has been tasked with stabilizing these hard years. The market conditions have been hard on our company and they have been hard on my team. After one of our latest group trainings from I consulted, I noticed that significantly more people were meeting their goals and this was a direct correlation to the course.

Academy Global

2023-01-06 13:12:03 UTC
I believe that this is a great way for me to learn more about how to deal with conflicts in the workplace and family. I am taking the course because I sincerely feel this will be very useful in my life.

Academy Global

2023-01-06 13:12:16 UTC
"I would definitely recommend this course for anyone who is facing conflict. The last six month of my life has been filled up with drama. After the training I have learned that I am not the only one in this situation, but it made me prepared to deal with conflicts and there consequences."Gogetstyle

CMA Consulting Group

2023-01-06 13:13:01 UTC
I was a manager who had difficulty dealing with conflict and this course helped enormously. It not only made me a better manager, but it also helped all of my employees as well.

The Pivot Institute

2023-01-06 13:13:22 UTC
Even though you might not always be able to avoid conflict, it's important to know how to handle it. I was lucky enough to start a few years ago during a major customer service training event that my company had. Now as an HR professional and as a 14-year veteran in customer service myself, I highly recommend this course.