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George Buggies

Alkminis, Paphos 8041, Cyprus


Phone Number: +357 99530419


Google Rating: 4.6

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Why to choose George Buggies?

Welcome to George Buggies: A Unique Buggy Experience!

  • About Us

    • A Family-Owned Business Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence.
    • Specialists in Customized Service and Maintenance.
    • Offering Self-Drive Buggy Rentals and Guided Safaris.
    • Multilingual Service: Fluent in English and German.
  • Rentals & Safaris

    • Explore with Our Self-Drive Buggy Rentals.
    • Discover Nature with Our Nature Trail Safaris.
    • Experience Culture with Our Cultural Trail Safaris.
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At A.Kourasaros Moto & Car Rentals

Poseidonos Ave, Paphos 8042, Cyprus


Phone Number: +357 96 037457


Google Rating: 4.9

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Why to choose At A.Kourasaros Moto & Car Rentals?

A.Koursaros Car & Moto Rentals & Safari

Your Gateway to Adventure in Paphos

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  • Our Offerings

    • Quad Bike Rentals: Unleash Your Spirit of Adventure.
    • Buggy Rentals: Cruise Through Paphos' Picturesque Landscapes.
    • Car Rentals: Explore at Your Own Pace.
    • Safari Tours: Exhilarating Off-Road Adventures on Quad Bikes and Buggies.
  • Featured Tours

    • Lara Bay Tour (3-3.5 Hours)
    • Bath of Adonis Tour (5-5.5 Hours)
    • Blue Lagoon Tour (7-8 Hours)
  • Experience the Thrill

    • Ready for an Unforgettable Adventure in Paphos? Choose A.Koursaros for Quality Rentals and Memorable Safari Tours. Book Your Adventure Today!
  • 24/7 Service Available

    • We're Here to Help You Embark on Your Next Adventure, Anytime.

Thunder Motorsport

Tombs of the Kings Ave 41, Paphos 8046, Cyprus


Phone Number: +357 99316849


Facebook Rating: 2.6

Google Rating: 3.8

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Why to choose Thunder Motorsport?

Welcome to Paphos Rent Quad, Buggy, and Enduro: Your Ultimate Adventure Partner in Paphos, Cyprus!

  • Home

    • Your Gateway to an Exciting Journey.
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  • Photos & Video

    • Witness the Thrill Before You Experience It.
  • Quads & Buggies

    • Choose Your Adventure Ride: From 300cc to 1000cc.
  • Moto & Bike

    • Discover Paphos on Two Wheels: Scooters, Enduros, and More.
  • Safari Paphos Area

    • Embark on a Safari: Explore Stunning Locations like Lara Bay and Sea Caves.
  • Price List

    • Competitive Pricing for Quads, Buggies, Bicycles, and Motorbikes.
  • Rental Details

    • Various Models Available: Quad (300cc to 400cc), CF 450, Kimko UXY 500cc, Artic CAT Automatic 800cc, RZR 900cc, and Polaris 1000cc.
    • Bicycles and Motorbikes: From Casual Riding to Off-Roading.
    • Attractive Pricing for 1 to 7 Day Rentals.
  • Safari Excursions

    • A. Excursion (4.5 – 5 hours): Explore Shipwreck, Coral Bay, Sea Caves, and More.
    • B. Excursion (3 – 3.5 hours): A Shorter Route with Equal Thrills.
    • Tailored Safari Tours for Individual and Group Experiences.
  • General Information

    • All Rates Include: Unlimited Mileage, Maintenance, Free Service, and Crash Helmets.
    • VAT and Insurance Included.
    • Special: Petrol Included for Safari Tours.
  • Rental Conditions

    • Driver’s Age: Minimum 17 Years for Autocycle, 18 Years for Motorcycle.
    • Valid Driving License Required.
    • Minimum Rental Length: 1 Day.
    • Traffic Fines: Responsibility of the Hirer.
  • Contact and Location

    • Poseidons Avenue, Paphos, Cyprus.
    • 24/7 Service for an Unmatched Adventure Experience.