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Pizza Express Paphos

Pafinia Sea View Court 52-53,, Poseidon Avenue K. Paphos 8042, Paphos, Cyprus


Phone Number: 26923034


Google Rating: 4.5

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Why to choose Pizza Express Paphos?

The Pizza Express in Paphos receives predominantly positive reviews, with many customers praising the quality of food, especially the pizzas. Diners appreciate the variety of options, including gluten-free and vegan choices. The restaurant is noted for its comfortable and clean environment, both indoors and outdoors. Service is generally well-received, with staff described as friendly and knowledgeable. There are mentions of great gluten-free certification and a location near the promenade.

However, there are some criticisms. A few reviews mention poor service, with long waiting times and unattentive staff. Some customers were disappointed with the quality of certain dishes, finding them below expectations or not authentic enough. Pricing is occasionally noted as a bit high, particularly in relation to the portions served.

Overall, the restaurant is recommended for its variety of pizza and pasta options, accommodating dietary needs, and its location. While most experiences are positive, there are areas for improvement in service consistency and food quality in some instances.