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Nak Muay Foundation, (NMF)
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Nairobi, Kenya

Nak Muay Foundation, (NMF) — Training Courses and Reviews

Nak Muay Foundation (NMF) was created to support the growth and development of Muay Thai in America. The Sanskrit Mavya means "to join together" and the word Muay (pronounced "mwy") is what gives rise to the name "Muay". We strive to live by this meaning and share it with others. The local Kru, their Nak Muay Farang students and their dedication inspires us every day and motivates us to take action. They have been instrumental in the creation of this non-profit organization.
We are grateful that we have the chance to give back to the Kru's, coaches and gyms of Nak Muay, who continue to dedicate their lives and lives to this ancient sport. Giving thanks comes in many forms. You can be sure that Nak Muay Foundation is going to do everything possible to help grow Muay Thai sport and to give back to those who are in greatest need. Khob Khun Khrap/Ka, & Chok Dee for your Muay Thai Adventure Many thanks and good luck!


Reviews about the company

2023-01-12 16:44:28 UTC
My friend recommended Nak Muay to me by his coach after I had been looking to train martial arts for months.
2023-01-12 16:44:38 UTC
Since he enrolled 3 weeks ago, my son has learned a lot and is enjoying himself immensely. He talks about how the coaches were so patient in helping him.
2023-01-12 16:44:59 UTC
I look forward to training here every week.
2023-01-12 16:45:11 UTC
Customer service is pretty terrible. The owner is egotistical and has no mercy on the people during covid times. They lack communication and direction.

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