Best Business Training Courses in Kenya (Found 8 training providers)

Find out where you can learn Business in the following cities :
Nairobi Mombasa Kisumu Nakuru
Rifkins College
Established in: 1955
Cities: Mombasa
Address: Focal Point Building, 3rd Floor. Digo Road,opposite Naivas Supermarket and Stanbic Bank, Mombasa.

Rifkins College is one of the top colleges in Kenya offering online learning and in campus learning.
While most colleges in Kenya only offer local knec Diploma and certificate courses,Rifkins College is unique in that the college offers both local knec courses and UK accredited certificate and Diploma courses.
Rifkins College has been offering college courses for over 67 years and is of the best colleges in Kenya.
You may be asking yourself, “67 years, so what? Does it matter? “
YES, it does matter. Please, read on to find out why it matters;


Cities: Mombasa
Duration: 6 months
Education type: Offline
This course is designed to provide the skills needed by business managers at the clerical level. Learners will have a broad knowledge of all aspects business management, including financial accounting, human relations, law, and sales.
Established in: 2010
Cities: Nairobi
Address: Tommboya Street Opp Afyacentre 1st & 2nd Flr

KIPS TECHNICAL College is a top Tertiary Institution that was established and authorized by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology as an Educational Training Institute. It offers technical training in Artisans, Diplomas, and higher diplomas in various Courses.

Cert in Business Management mod I

Cities: Nairobi
Duration: 6 Months
Education type: Offline
The school of business offers courses that will expose students to modern business functions. This course teaches students how to manage these functions in a rapidly changing world and what type of decisions must be made. This course is intended to introduce students to the many career options in business. The course emphasizes the importance of business in modern society.
Computer Pride
Established in: 1990
Cities: Nairobi
Address: 1st Floor, JKUAT Tower, Kenyatta Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya

Established in 1990, Computer Pride Ltd is one of the leading computer firms that have a centre that is specialized in providing training services on Information Technology. The company has also singled out itself as providers of up to date and thorough Total IT Solution.
It is comprised of over sixty young professionals who are experts in their field and provide high quality training and consultancy services. The Company is situated in the city centre

Foundation in Business

Cities: Nairobi
Duration: 6 Months
Education type: Offline
NCC Education Level 3 Diploma in Business (L3DB), is an Ofqual-regulated qualification. This Applied General qualification allows candidates to demonstrate key transferable skills, mathematical competency, and applied cultural understanding, especially in the context international business. It also provides a foundation in basic concepts of economics and business.
Indepth Research Institute
Established in: 2010
Cities: Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru
Address: Njema Court, Suite R2 Rhapta Road, Westlands

We believe that each organization has a unique purpose and can fulfill it in this world. We help you organize your resources so you can realize your full potential. We help organizations to grow and succeed by enhancing the capabilities of their people, processes, and systems. This is done through four lines of services: Data Analytics, strategy management solutions, training and development; Enterprise systems and digital innovation; and Experiential tours.

Real Estate Valuation and Financing Course

Cities: Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru
Duration: 5 Days
Price: KES 75,000
Education type: Offline
Real estate remains one of the most profitable and active investment options. Real estate professionals in today's changing market are constantly looking at the enterprise to identify opportunities to increase revenue, better manage costs, and reduce risks. This helps them to stay competitive in the marketplace. Understanding the risks is crucial to the asset's value. To be able to capitalize on opportunities, it is important to stay current with market changes and challenges. This course is designed to give a practical and complete understanding of the entire topic.
Global Leadership Institute
Established in: 2005
Cities: Nairobi
Address: Repen Complex, 2th Floor, Suite 206, Mombasa Rd, Nairobi, Kenya

Global Leadership Institute, is a transformational training and consulting organization that delivers corporate training, coaching, workshops and consulting services.
Our courses, seminars and workshops are customized to your industry and training goals. Expert Facilitators are chosen based on their expertise & understanding of your training needs.

Management & Leadership Training

Cities: Nairobi
Education type: Offline
Management and Leadership Training can help you become a leader that motivates and manages people, projects, and deadlines.
Global Leadership Institute is your leader and management expert. Our management seminars focus on motivating your employees and yourself, budgeting skills, effective communication, and leadership training. You can further enhance your skills and be a better supervisor for your employees and company.
Pitman Training
Established in: 1837
Cities: Nairobi
Address: 4th Floor, Corner Plaza, Parklands Road, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya

Pitman Training has led the way for growth in development and efficiency within the workplace since 1837 – when Sir Isaac Pitman invented Shorthand. Since then the business has developed to incorporate modern technologies and advances. Keeping true to the heritage of the brand, the key focus is to arm our students with the skills they need to get the jobs that they want.

Business Startup Diploma

Cities: Nairobi
Duration: 6 Weeks
Education type: Offline
The Business Startup Diploma is a great way for you to get practical experience in key areas of running a business. The topics covered range from understanding bookkeeping, marketing and business accounting to project management. The knowledge you gain will help you to keep your business on track. The diploma takes approximately 4 weeks to complete. Flexible, you can combine your studies with other obligations. Online learning is also possible through our Distance Learning system. You can choose to study at any of our centres. It pays off to invest in yourself early in your business startup journey. We can help you beat the competition and get your business off the ground!
Established in: 2003
Cities: Nairobi
Address: Suite 214, Madonna House – Westlands Road – Nairobi, Kenya

OpenCastLabs works with non-profit, government and commercial clients to provide technology solutions and professional services in the areas of environment and infrastructure, human services, social programs, and telecommunications markets. The firm blends passion for its work and industry expertise to deliver compelling results across the entire program lifecycle, from analysis and research through implementation and improvement.

Financial Modeling with Microsoft Excel training

Cities: Nairobi
Duration: 21 Hours
Price: Kes. 32,000.00
Education type: Offline
This course is for corporate finance professionals, CFOs and financial controllers, as well as finance managers, financial analysts, business development analysts, financial analysts, and financial analysts.
East Africa Institute of Certified Studies
Established in: 2005
Cities: Nakuru
Address: Tower One, 5th Floor along Moi Road next to Posta Kenya.

East Africa Institute of Certified Studies was founded in 2005 as a non-profit organization. It specializes in HIV/AIDS Management and Community Empowerment. EAICS College would reach out and train people in churches throughout Nairobi.

Diploma in Business management(KNEC)

Cities: Nakuru
Duration: 24 Months
Education type: Offline
This course introduces students to a variety of studies that can be used in understanding people and business dynamics. Through the analysis of business cases, the course examines management in the global business environment. This course examines the practical, moral, and ethical aspects of management and the dilemmas that might arise for stakeholders in modern organizations.

Business Training Courses with Reviews

Latest Reviews

Knight Frank Kenya (KFK)

2023-01-12 16:17:22 UTC
The staff are professional and warm-hearted. The services offered are excellent. A wide range of properties are developed and managed by the company as well.

Knight Frank Kenya (KFK)

2023-01-12 16:17:37 UTC
A professional team is waiting to discuss business with their students in well-designed office spaces

Knight Frank Kenya (KFK)

2023-01-12 16:17:51 UTC
No feedback from agents for several inquiries, and they rarely return phone calls or call back as promised. Poor service for a brand that seems to be well established.

Knight Frank Kenya (KFK)

2023-01-12 16:18:04 UTC
Very slow in feedback. You need to e mail them several times to get a reply, and they led me on for a month. The worst management company I have ever dealt with.

Lesama Limited

2023-01-12 16:21:28 UTC
The staff are professional and warm-hearted. The services offered are excellent. A wide range of properties are developed and managed by the company as well.

Lesama Limited

2023-01-12 16:21:39 UTC
Excellent property management company in Nairobi. I highly recommend Lesama Limited as the best Real Estate Company in Kenya.

Lesama Limited

2023-01-12 16:21:51 UTC
Lesama Limited would be a good choice for my next study.

Lesama Limited

2023-01-12 16:22:07 UTC
Transparency, professionalism, and excellent customer service.

The Nairobi Kenpo Karate

2023-01-12 16:32:16 UTC
Great place to learn street survival "fight".

The Nairobi Kenpo Karate

2023-01-12 16:32:27 UTC
Get in shape and learn Karate at the best place

The Nairobi Kenpo Karate

2023-01-12 16:32:38 UTC
The Nairobi Kenpo Karate staff provided excellent training.

The Nairobi Kenpo Karate

2023-01-12 16:32:49 UTC
That's where you can find self-defense lessons.


2023-01-12 16:34:22 UTC
The best place to learn MUAY THAI and get in shape.


2023-01-12 16:39:03 UTC
Master Airr is a true Muay Thai expert, and you will learn Muay Thai the traditional way. There are hidden details that you will not discover on Youtube or in other MMA gyms that claim to teach Muay Thai.


2023-01-12 16:39:19 UTC
Having been there for two years, I wish I had come earlier


2023-01-12 16:41:19 UTC
Nothing but love for this gym in Kenya! Great coaches, great master, great environment.

Nak Muay Foundation, (NMF)

2023-01-12 16:44:28 UTC
My friend recommended Nak Muay to me by his coach after I had been looking to train martial arts for months.

Nak Muay Foundation, (NMF)

2023-01-12 16:44:38 UTC
Since he enrolled 3 weeks ago, my son has learned a lot and is enjoying himself immensely. He talks about how the coaches were so patient in helping him.

Nak Muay Foundation, (NMF)

2023-01-12 16:44:59 UTC
I look forward to training here every week.

Nak Muay Foundation, (NMF)

2023-01-12 16:45:11 UTC
Customer service is pretty terrible. The owner is egotistical and has no mercy on the people during covid times. They lack communication and direction.