4 Best Psychology Training Courses in Nairobi

4 Best Psychology Training Providers in Nairobi, Kenya

Find out where you can learn Psychology in the following cities :
Nairobi Mombasa
Established in: 2008
Cities: Nairobi
Address: Matumbato Rd, Nairobi,Kenya

AMHRTF (Non-Governmental Organization) is a Kenyan non-governmental organization that conducts research on mental and neurological health. It also works to produce evidence for policy and best practices in providing affordable, appropriate, accessible and affordable mental health services.


Cities: Nairobi
Education type: Offline
One of the most common mental health issues is stress. These symptoms can lead to overwhelming feelings and self-perpetuating thoughts that make it difficult to feel helpless. Do you find it difficult to focus, have memory lapses, drink, smoke, or eat more? Are you experiencing headaches, muscle pains, or trouble sleeping? Stress can cause all of these problems. This workshop aims to provide a holistic understanding about stress's causes, effects, and treatment.
Kenya Institute of Business and Counselling Studies (KIBCo)
Established in: 2004
Cities: Nairobi
Address: Southern House, 5th floors, off Moi Avenue, opposite Meridian Court Hotel.

Kenya Institute of Business and Counselling Studies was a TVET Institution that was established in January 2004 under the name Maranatha College of Professional Studies. It became a limited liability corporation on 10 May 2005. KIBCo, a TVET training institution, was fully registered with Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MOHEST) in 2010.
KIBCo is an affiliate to Maranatha International Counseling Foundation, which is registered under section ten of the Non-Governmental Organizations Co-ordination Act. MICF provides Bio-psychosocial services for vulnerable peoples and communities to improve their psychological well-being. KIBCo has campuses located in Thika and Nairobi, offering both Open Distance Learning programs .

Psychological Debriefing/Psychological First Aid

Cities: Nairobi
Duration: 3 Months
Education type: Offline
KCA University
Established in: 1989
Cities: Nairobi
Address: Thika Rd, Nairobi

KCA University's history began in 1989 with the institution known as Kenya College of Accountancy (KCA). It was established by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya to improve the quality of financial management and accountancy training in Kenya. Chart Foulks Lynch (CIPFA), services from the UK, conducted a study that led to the establishment of the college. According to the study, Kenya needed an additional 4100 qualified accountants every year. In those days, the number of qualified accountants trained at these institutions was far less than 100.
It enrolled 170 students when it opened its doors in 1989. However, this number has steadily increased over time and now there are over 12,000 students each year. The institution has campuses in Kitengela CBD, Kisumu and Satellite College in Amagoro to maintain its national outlook.
In 1997, the dream of turning the College into an university was realized. The College saw an increase in enrolment, especially for foreign courses, in 2000. KCA partnered with Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, (JKUAT), and University of South Africa [UNISA] to launch diploma and degree programs.


Cities: Nairobi
Education type: Offline
Counseling psychology focuses on the provision of therapeutic services to clients with a variety of symptoms, including those of an emotional, psychological, vocational, educational or health-related nature. This course is in high demand in Kenya and other countries. This course will be offered by us to fulfill the demand.
Kenya Institute of Social Work and Community Development (KISWCD)
Established in: 1997
Cities: Nairobi
Address: Southern House, 2nd Floor, Off – Moi Avenue Opposite Meridian Hotel

KISWCD Training Institutions are free from any political, religious or government affiliations. The Institute is managed and administered by a Board of Directors who have experience in areas such as Social work, Educational Institutions Management, Business Management, Human Resource Management and Finance and Accounting. They also have expertise in psychology, counseling, law, and environmental health.


Cities: Nairobi
Duration: 1 Year
Education type: Offline
This course is one year long and aims to provide students with basic psychology knowledge, skills and experiences. It will allow them to fully understand the behavior patterns of people to help them intervene appropriately.

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