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Established in: 2010
Cities: Nairobi
Address: Victoria Towers Kilimanjaro Ave Upper Hill Nairobi, 00200 Kenya

We are the global leader in professional education and offer world-class centers of excellence that provide the best learning and development solutions tailored to your needs.
Our track record is impeccable, with our ability to deliver public, in-house, and online courses for some of the largest corporations and government agencies around the globe. Our training goes beyond the theoretical realm and gives you real-world insight thanks to our expert trainers who are practitioners in their fields. You can therefore trust us to deliver consistent, high-quality training and development for every level of your company, anywhere in the globe.


Cities: Nairobi
Education type: Offline
Training in risk and security management - The knowledge and skills that you need to manage your business' security and risk. Your organization should make security and risk management a top priority. We offer a variety of training in risk and security management to ensure that your employees have the necessary skills and knowledge. This includes anti-corruption and risk-based thinking.
Institute of Professional Security Studies
Established in: 2004
Cities: Nairobi
Address: YMCA, State House Road

The Institute of Professional Security Studies is an independent provider of professional security training. It offers a tailored curriculum to meet the needs of private security companies in the region.
The institute was established in 2004 and is dedicated to the development and promotion of security as a profession through the provision of unified and harmonized security management training and a structured professional career program.
This course was designed to provide security professionals with the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to be proficient in enterprise security, criminality, and risk management.

Physical Security Specialists Course

Cities: Nairobi
Duration: 1 Week
Education type: Offline
To provide security officers/guards the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to project a positive image of the organization and fulfill their duties as guardians of life and property.
Private Security Training Academy
Established in: 2011
Cities: Nairobi
Address: Bogani East Road, Karen/ Nairobi

Private Security Training Academy (PSTA), a NITA approved training center, was established in November 2011. We offer a variety of safety and security training solutions in Kenya, Uganda (Dubai), and elsewhere in the Middle East. PSTA uses adult training and learning methods that take into account the previous experience and knowledge of participants.


Cities: Nairobi
Education type: Offline
This course is for new security officers or anyone who wants to get started in security. It provides the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to perform everyday security tasks. Participants will be able to work in security at a variety of workplaces after completing this course. This course is for people who are currently security officers or want to be security officers.
Victory Security Group Africa
Established in: 2002
Cities: Nairobi
Address: South B, South Gate Center, Mukoma Rd, 1st Floor.

Victory Security Group Africa, established in 2002, offers a wide variety of innovative and creative security solutions and services to its clients. We are leaders in the areas of executive selection, people development, and Security Advisory Services in Africa.
Our services include highly trained security staff, high-level security management training programmes, company strategies in counter terrorism, risk and security management solutions to businesses in the private sector, governments, NGOs, organizations, and professional associations. We have extensive knowledge in Security and Safety and we are able to consult on a variety of Security and Safety Services in Africa.
This course will equip you with advanced skills and knowledge in security management, as well as the ability to understand and administer public safety and security within organizations.


Cities: Nairobi
Education type: Offline
Victory Security Group Africa offers in-house staff security and emergency preparedness training. This helps your staff develop good Security practices at both their homes and places of work. The training's climax is on emergency preparedness. This includes Active Shooter, Terrorism, Fire Safety, and Terrorism.
Cyber Security Africa
Established in: 2005
Cities: Nairobi
Address: Africa Headquarter: Nairobi, Kenya

Cyber Security Africa is an Information Security Consulting firm that provides a complete range of Services and Products to assist organizations in protecting their valuable assets.
Our clients receive unrivaled technical advices and expert services. This allows us to understand their security goals and work with them to accomplish them. Over the years, the Information Security field has changed in scope and nature. We no longer focus on protecting technical infrastructure. We have become more holistic in our security focus and tend to view all aspects of information protection as central.

Security Awareness Training

Cities: Nairobi
Education type: Offline
This course outlines the responsibilities, risks and liabilities that every employee must be aware of, and simple steps to ensure corporate data and systems are secure. The security of information and data within an organization is a key responsibility for employees. Hackers are a constant theme in the media. However, organizations and employees need to realize that insiders pose the greatest security threat.
This course was broken down so that all employees can understand and recognize current threats to data security, and their roles in protecting the organization.
Established in: 2018
Cities: Nairobi
Address: Loita Street, Uniafric House 1 Floor, Suite 107, Nairobi-kenya

ICSSPK membership is an industry-recognized certification that a person's industry experience and academic qualifications are recognized by the industry. This gives prospective employers assurance about the competence and skills of their crisis management and security experts.
The Institute is an independent organization that provides impartial accreditation for training courses in the region. This ensures that individuals receive the best education and training.

Post Graduate Diploma in Security Management

Cities: Nairobi
Education type: Offline
This course will equip you with advanced skills and knowledge in security management, as well as the ability to understand and administer public safety and security within organizations.
Creative Ground Tech
Established in: 2001
Cities: Nairobi
Address: Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya.

Creative Ground Tech, a prestigious Managed IT Service Provider (MSP), Data Science Provider and Cyber Security Training Provider provides small and medium businesses with responsive IT support and training. We offer career training and service plans that are affordable. We offer fully managed and co-managed IT support and cybersecurity solutions. Strategic guidance is also available. Our unique PROS service model (Proactive. Reactive. Ownership. and Strategic) ensures that we provide excellent customer service. We offer hands-on training in data science and cybersecurity in Africa.

Corporate Cyber Security Training

Cities: Nairobi
Education type: Offline
Services for Cyber Security Training in Africa for Corporates Cyber security awareness training. Awareness training on phishing and emulation. Keep ahead of your adversaries. Your organization's computer security can be improved by empowering your employees to recognize common cyber-threats. Employees learn security awareness training to recognize vulnerabilities and threats that could impact business operations. Employees must be aware of their responsibilities when they use a computer in a business network. To instill a culture of data security in your company, it is important to provide training for new hires and periodically scheduled refresher courses.
Pitman Training
Established in: 1837
Cities: Nairobi
Address: 4th Floor, Corner Plaza, Parklands Road, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya

Pitman Training has led the way for growth in development and efficiency within the workplace since 1837 – when Sir Isaac Pitman invented Shorthand. Since then the business has developed to incorporate modern technologies and advances. Keeping true to the heritage of the brand, the key focus is to arm our students with the skills they need to get the jobs that they want.

MTA Security Fundamentals

Cities: Nairobi
Duration: 40 Hours
Education type: Offline
This course will give you the knowledge necessary to create secure Microsoft Windows Servers as well as Windows-based network operating system. You'll also learn about important system recovery tools, creating active directories, and account management.
After completing this course, you will be able to take the Microsoft exam (98-367*) and receive a Pitman Training Course Completion Certificate. Employers will be able to see that you are a MTA Security Fundamentals certified professional by adding the MTA Security Fundamentals certificate to their CV
Interactive videos and a post-test are included in the course to help you identify gaps in your knowledge and make learning more enjoyable.

Security Training Courses with Reviews

Latest Reviews

Knight Frank Kenya (KFK)

2023-01-12 16:17:22 UTC
The staff are professional and warm-hearted. The services offered are excellent. A wide range of properties are developed and managed by the company as well.

Knight Frank Kenya (KFK)

2023-01-12 16:17:37 UTC
A professional team is waiting to discuss business with their students in well-designed office spaces

Knight Frank Kenya (KFK)

2023-01-12 16:17:51 UTC
No feedback from agents for several inquiries, and they rarely return phone calls or call back as promised. Poor service for a brand that seems to be well established.

Knight Frank Kenya (KFK)

2023-01-12 16:18:04 UTC
Very slow in feedback. You need to e mail them several times to get a reply, and they led me on for a month. The worst management company I have ever dealt with.

Lesama Limited

2023-01-12 16:21:28 UTC
The staff are professional and warm-hearted. The services offered are excellent. A wide range of properties are developed and managed by the company as well.

Lesama Limited

2023-01-12 16:21:39 UTC
Excellent property management company in Nairobi. I highly recommend Lesama Limited as the best Real Estate Company in Kenya.

Lesama Limited

2023-01-12 16:21:51 UTC
Lesama Limited would be a good choice for my next study.

Lesama Limited

2023-01-12 16:22:07 UTC
Transparency, professionalism, and excellent customer service.

The Nairobi Kenpo Karate

2023-01-12 16:32:16 UTC
Great place to learn street survival "fight".

The Nairobi Kenpo Karate

2023-01-12 16:32:27 UTC
Get in shape and learn Karate at the best place

The Nairobi Kenpo Karate

2023-01-12 16:32:38 UTC
The Nairobi Kenpo Karate staff provided excellent training.

The Nairobi Kenpo Karate

2023-01-12 16:32:49 UTC
That's where you can find self-defense lessons.


2023-01-12 16:34:22 UTC
The best place to learn MUAY THAI and get in shape.


2023-01-12 16:39:03 UTC
Master Airr is a true Muay Thai expert, and you will learn Muay Thai the traditional way. There are hidden details that you will not discover on Youtube or in other MMA gyms that claim to teach Muay Thai.


2023-01-12 16:39:19 UTC
Having been there for two years, I wish I had come earlier


2023-01-12 16:41:19 UTC
Nothing but love for this gym in Kenya! Great coaches, great master, great environment.

Nak Muay Foundation, (NMF)

2023-01-12 16:44:28 UTC
My friend recommended Nak Muay to me by his coach after I had been looking to train martial arts for months.

Nak Muay Foundation, (NMF)

2023-01-12 16:44:38 UTC
Since he enrolled 3 weeks ago, my son has learned a lot and is enjoying himself immensely. He talks about how the coaches were so patient in helping him.

Nak Muay Foundation, (NMF)

2023-01-12 16:44:59 UTC
I look forward to training here every week.

Nak Muay Foundation, (NMF)

2023-01-12 16:45:11 UTC
Customer service is pretty terrible. The owner is egotistical and has no mercy on the people during covid times. They lack communication and direction.