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14a, Amara Olu St., Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos State

SalesRuby Academy — Training Courses and Reviews

We are the leader in Nigeria and Africa for performance improvement and sales training. Individualized training and certification for companies and individuals who want to improve their sales results.
We have helped thousands of salespeople and teams from more than 250 companies in over 20 industries improve their sales performance, as well as training and certifications. Our sales training programs are based on incremental growth and change over time. We focus on personal and corporate branding, leadership, innovation and personal development, customer service & people management, career and corporate growth, and training in sales and marketing.

Insurance Sales Training

Cities: Ikeja
Education type: Offline
This program is intended to provide insurance agents and professionals with the necessary skills to value products that are complex, intangible, or abstract.


Sales (Ikeja ),

Reviews about the company

2022-07-06 23:10:54 UTC
SaleRuby Limited is your one-stop shop for everything you need. SalesRuby Academy has a broad range of relevant training content that can be tailored to your specific needs. It will provide the right solution for you and take you to the next level.
2022-07-06 23:11:09 UTC
It was quite an amazing learning experience at Founders Conference 2019 organised by SALESRUBY LTD. Lots of connection/networking, industry pioneers and leaders sharing their entrepreneurial journey with the upcoming.
2022-07-06 23:11:54 UTC
They offer the highest quality in revenue and sales training
2022-07-06 23:12:25 UTC
Customer Service Training is at its best. I learned so much from the classes at the academy.
2022-07-06 23:12:55 UTC
Sales is proud to offer the best in-class training. We are glad to be associated at SalesRuby
2022-07-06 23:13:26 UTC
The best place to find the quality and practical knowledge you need to transform your business. It is the best place to help your business succeed.
2022-07-06 23:14:32 UTC
I had an extremely pushy sales representative who tried to sell me the course even though I repeatedly stated that I didn't intend to book the course at this moment. It is very important to distinguish between being helpful and trying to force your purchase. Horrible. Also, I sent an email with a question that was not being answered. I gave up on the call because the sales rep wouldn't stop. They will not be booking with me again.
2022-09-24 14:30:09 UTC
This people are really committed to the growth of their clients. I really enjoyed my sales master class with them. They teach practicality and practicable things.. Thank you SalesRuby.

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