4 Best Martial Arts Schools Near You in Lagos

4 Best Martial Arts Schools Near You in Lagos, Nigeria

Find out where you can learn Martial Arts Schools in the following cities :
1 AMAT Academy
AMAT Academy
Established in: 1985
Cities: Lagos
1, Olu Aboderin street, Punch Estate, Mangoro bus stop, Abeokuta/Lagos Expressway, Ikeja-Nigeria.
AMAT ACADEMY was established in 1985 and is dedicated to providing a complete training program for mental and physical capacity building for all. We have been teaching martial arts and self defense skills to the community for over a decade. This has allowed us to protect ourselves and our society from the increasing threat of physical assaults. AMAT ACADEMY is always evolving, adding new skills and teaching methods. AMAT ACADEMY is proud to be based on the principles of true martial arts, realistic-based, self-defense training that works in modern society for survival against physical attacks, and law enforcement defensive system that works both in and out the line of duty. Our unique training programs have been a blessing to many governmental and corporate entities over the years.  AMAT ACADEMY focuses on training members of society from all professions in reality-based defense to deal with the ever-changing physical aggression in modern society. This includes those working in security and protection services, as well as law enforcement agencies. Amat Academy offers martial arts training, primarily Taekwondo. It aims to teach young people positive mental and physical well-being through taekwondo. The tenets of taekwondo are: Integrity, Courtesy and Modesty. This will help you to become a better adult.
2 ESD Academy
ESD Academy
Established in: 2017
Cities: Lagos
ESD was created by Master Uzoma Onwuchekwa, Senior Grandmaster Aikpa Aime and Master Blessing Nawakanma.
Executive Self Defense is a unique, unarmed combat training program that's suited for Nigerian environments. This program was born out of the need to provide security and self-protection in an age of unprecedented violence. Domestic and external. It combines a variety of martial arts strikes and kicks with block throws and mental techniques.
3 Taekwondo kukkiwon Approved and Martial Arts school
Taekwondo kukkiwon Approved and Martial Arts school
Established in: 1982
Cities: Lagos
National Stadium Top Angel sch , off Nnobi street by Kilo bustop Aguda surulere Lagos Surulere Lagos
Internationally approved and recognized Taekwondo club. Established in 1982, this club has been a running club for over 30 years. In 2002, it was endorsed by PANAMAI. It is well-known throughout West Africa for its promotion of Taekwondo through excellent coaching, mentoring programs, and competitions. We offer both traditional and sport Taekwondo training. Refeeres and Atheletes that are peak performers. Assist grassroot development and youth programs to grow youth and children for peace and good ethics. Other martial arts like Hapkido and Mutai, as well as Kickboxing, Hapkido and Jujitsu, are also offered. Other sports such as swimming, Chess and Athletics are also promoted.
Trainings can be private or public.

4 Samchi Karate Academy
Samchi Karate Academy
Established in: 2011
Cities: Lagos
Golden Tulip Hotel, Opposite Shoprite, Festac Town, Lagos
Samchi Karate Academy, a traditional and sport Shito-Ryu Karate School, has two goals. To teach students authentic and active Karate skills for discipline, self-defence, and sports Karate, and to foster morally upright individuals who can make a significant impact on their families, schools, and society in general. Our Academy is focused on children's safety, health and sound mind. Our teachings do not only focus on self-defence, sports Karate and dynamic Karate skills. They also aim to instill positive character and good character. Giving children the right information to help them become a responsible and honest member of society. With so many remarkable achievements, we have made a positive impact on the lives of people since 2011. Samchi Karate Academy aims to instill in every student a relentless and unstoppable spirit. We want our students to feel empowered, regardless of the financial, emotional, or physical obstacles. Karate is a sport that can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to learn.
It is educational, entertaining, and motivating for children. Our teachers are qualified, experienced and have the right information to deal with children. Our teaching strategies can be tailored to suit the needs of children with different backgrounds, cultures, education, and learning styles. We invite you to read more about Samchi Karate Academy's founder and leader, as well as our philosophy that makes Samchi Karate relevant to modern life.

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