1 Best Massage Salons Near You in Ikeja

1 Best Massage Salons Near You in Ikeja, Nigeria

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1 Amani Spa & Wellness Group
Amani Spa & Wellness Group
Established in: 2006
Cities: Ikeja
38/40 Isaac John St, Ikeja GRA 100271, Ikeja Nigeria
Amani Spa & Wellness Group is Africa's leading hospitality brand. It has the largest spa footprint in Africa and the Middle East, and offers a variety of City, Safari, and Resort Spas. The group delivers journeys of self-discovery with its people-centric approach to excellence. Amani was founded in 2006 by Ronleigh, the CEO and founder of the spa. She had a deep love for Africa and a desire to positively influence its people and resources.
Amani is 100% female-owned and operated. It is committed to female empowerment and innovation through its solutions. Amani serves as a strategic partner, catalyst, and turn-key wellness company.
The Amani Spa & Wellness Group is the proud recipient of 25 international spa awards since its inception in 2006.
We are proud of our caring attitude and professional and personal approach. We will continue to build a company that is purposeful and encourages inclusion, diversity and communication.

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