2 Best Management Training Courses in Abuja

2 Best Management Training Providers in Abuja, Nigeria

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Lagos Ikeja Abuja
1 Abuja Data School
Abuja Data School
Established in: 2014
Cities: Abuja
Reviews: 10
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Cities: Abuja
Education type: Offline
Administrative management is the process of managing, sustaining, and maintaining a business or organisation. Administrative management is the creation of a structure that promotes or facilitates success in a business or organization. Administrative Management workers create a hierarchy of authority, determine their key functions, assign different areas of responsibility, and divide labor across the company's departments. Abuja Data School will provide administrative management training in Abuja. It is important to share the roles within an organization or business with different authorities, such as the administrative manager who is responsible for planning, coordinating and directing the management of the organization or business. The administrative officer is also responsible for providing administrative support to the organization. This includes organizing company records, managing departmental budgets, and maintaining office supplies inventory. Administrative assistants work just like clerks, but they are mostly responsible for clerical duties within the organization. Most administrative assistant duties involve managing and distributing information within the office, answering phone calls, taking notes, and maintaining files.
2 BiZmarrow Technologies
BiZmarrow Technologies
Established in: 2013
Cities: Abuja
Reviews: 11
Reviews: 11 Read More

Administrative Management Training Course

Cities: Abuja
Education type: Offline
Administrative Management Training Course could be a valuable asset in any business environment.
Bizmarrow Technology offers quality courses in Administrative Management that can help you move up the ladder and start your own business.
Every successful company relies on efficient and effective office administration.
You can improve your business administration skills and expertise to increase your long-term career prospects Nigeria.

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