3 Best Management Training Courses in Ikeja

3 Best Management Training Providers in Ikeja, Nigeria

Find out where you can learn Management in the following cities :
Lagos Ikeja Abuja
The International School of Management
Established in: 2010
Cities: Ikeja
Address: The Action Knowledge Estuary (AKE), House 6, Gabriel Akinmade Taylor Estate, 2 Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos

The International School of Management Lagos (ISM) is more than a building and a structure. We go beyond the traditional institutional forms and offer dynamic skills and capabilities that transform knowledge into profit.
We are a fellowship for visionary educators and scholar-practitioners with specialisations within business, management leadership, finance, human resource, economics, and social research.
ISM Lagos's directors, academic board, and faculty are a mixture of local and international professionals who help to develop academic and professional skills for students and themselves.
Alumni are a significant part of our community. They are our contacts and ambassadors to the wider world. We rely on them for support in the development and growth of the school.

Advanced Leadership Development and People Management Skills

Cities: Ikeja
Duration: 3 Days
Price: N230,000
Education type: Offline
On our course you will be able to develop the best leadership qualities in yourself, so that later you can use them to successfully manage people. This is very important today, especially in Nigeria, because the human resource is the most valuable thing any company can have.
Tech24 Limited
Established in: 2014
Cities: Ikeja
Address: Nikky Afrikana, 1st Floor, 70c, Allen Avenue, Opp MTN Office, First Bank Bus Stop, Ikeja, Lagos

Tech24 Limited, an innovative ICT company, helps businesses leverage technology to reduce cost, increase profits and save time. We make your business more efficient and improve performance.
Our exceptional customer service, innovative approach, integrity, and passion for excellence are what distinguish us from other ICT companies.
Our team is made up of skilled and experienced personnel who are passionate about what they do. We create unforgettable experiences for each client.

Project Management

Cities: Ikeja
Duration: 1 Month
Education type: Offline
Your earning potential can be increased by obtaining a Project Management qualification. You can apply for any job, regardless of your background. With your Project Management qualification, you can apply for international jobs. You may be promoted to a higher position. You can change jobs and industries, regardless of your qualifications. There are many opportunities to become a professional in different fields.
Piston and Fusion Business Academy
Established in: 2009
Cities: Ikeja
Address: 122A Obadina Street Omole Phase 1, Ikeja Lagos

Piston and Fusion Ltd was founded in 2009 by a group of experienced professionals who recognized a gap in Nigerian project delivery and best practices. P&F is one of the most rapidly growing start-up businesses in the region's south west, thanks to its core competency in Project Management. We are also experts in ICT-related projects and hands on training.

Strategic Planning & Management

Cities: Ikeja
Duration: 2 Days
Price: ₦ 110,000
Education type: Offline
The concept of business strategy seems simple and straightforward on the surface. It is a matter of setting goals and coordinating resources. Then, you can create a plan and schedule to implement them. It is difficult to do in practice, especially for multi-business organizations. This is due to several factors. The Strategy Planning and Management course is designed for managers who are responsible for developing strategies to achieve their organizations' goals. To impart knowledge, the course will use case studies.

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