3 Best PHP Programming Training Courses in Lagos

3 Best PHP Programming Training Providers in Lagos, Nigeria

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Lagos Ikeja Abuja
1 FlamyTech Computer School
FlamyTech Computer School
Established in: 2003
Cities: Lagos
Reviews: 9
Reviews: 9 Read More

Back-end Web Development Diploma

Cities: Lagos
Duration: 6 Weeks
Price: ₦160,000
Education type: Offline
This Diploma in Web Development course teaches students how to create responsive, interactive, and functional websites using the most recent web standards. Also, you'll learn about Web Architecture, object-oriented designing, PHP, MySQL and JQuery, AJAX. as well as phpMyAdmin, PHP VCS, Debugging, and PHP MVC.
2 Zetatronix Institute
Zetatronix Institute
Established in: 2000
Cities: Lagos
Reviews: 7
Reviews: 7 Read More

PHP Practical Training

Cities: Lagos
Duration: 6 Weeks
Education type: Offline
This course is for people who wish to learn how to create dynamic, database-driven websites such as Facebook and JAMB Online. This course will give participants a working knowledge PHP and MySQL, the most used pair of scripting languages/database servers on the Web. Participants should have some knowledge about HTML and CSS.
3 Aledoy Academy
Aledoy Academy
Established in: 2010
Cities: Lagos
Reviews: 8
Reviews: 8 Read More


Cities: Lagos
Duration: 8 Weeks
Price: ₦200,000
Education type: Offline
This course will show you how to program the backend functionality and functions for your application. Learn how to retrieve forms from databases and how to send them. It is recommended to use the CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) method of communicating with MySQL Database.

PHP Programming in the city Lagos with Photos and Prices

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