Best Python Programming Training Courses in Nigeria (Found 10 training providers)

Find out where you can learn Python Programming in the following cities :
Lagos Ikeja Abuja
BiZmarrow Technologies
Established in: 2013
Cities: Abuja
Address: Suite B106 Millennium Plaza opposite NNPC Towers, Herbert Macaulay Way Central Business District Abuja

We are a top-rated computer training institution in Abuja Nigeria because of our personalized, one-on-one training.
Courses include Digital Marketing Training, Digital Marketing Diploma, Digital Marketing Training, Branding & Management Training, Website Design, Graphic Design and Adobe Package training. We also offer Mobile and web App Development- Python Programming, Java Programming and SQL Database training. Bootstrap and HTLM CSS training ETC.
You are searching for a computer school that offers training in Abuja Nigeria. This will not only put you in a class but will also teach you ICT skills. Even if your computer skills are not the best, you're in the right place.

Python Programming Training

Cities: Abuja
Education type: Offline
This Python Training Abuja Nigeria is hands-on and practical training that teaches you how to quickly develop and maintain Python applications programs. This course covers Python syntax, built in data types, control constructs, and more.
This course will teach you how to create and organize Python programs using Python's object-oriented paradigm. Regular expressions are used to quickly process data from users and the file system.
This Python and Django Web Programming Training in Abuja provides a great introduction to programming concepts and the Python programming language. You'll be able put into practice the concepts you have learned through a final project that you will develop locally.
Established in: 2010
Cities: Ikeja
Address: 1st Floor, Nikky Africana Plaza, 70c Allen Avenue, Opp UBA, First Bank Bus Stop, Ikeja, Lagos

 Businesses can leverage technology to increase their reach, performance and efficiency and save money. This is achieved by offering a complete digital solution that includes information gathering, design, development, campaign management, and ongoing support to ensure success.
We are passionate about what our company does and work closely with clients to achieve a better and faster result.
Our exceptional service delivery, prompt execution and outstanding customer experience are what distinguish us. 

Python And Django Software Development Training

Cities: Ikeja
Duration: 16 weeks
Price: N300,000
Education type: Offline
Because of its many applications in different sectors such as data science, machine-learning, and web development, Python is a highly sought after programming language. Python can be used by beginners to learn to code and start a career as an engineer.
Participants will gain a better understanding of the python language as well as its capabilities. Participants will learn how to use computational thinking and python to create applications.
Established in: 2017
Cities: Lagos
Address: 42 Montgomery road, Yaba

Our mission is to create passionate, dedicated and exceptional developers with industry-ready programming skills and soft-skills.

Python For Datascience

Cities: Lagos
Duration: 3 Months
Price: ₦300,000
Education type: Offline
Data Science has revolutionized global business and put performance on the rise. Companies are only able to tap into a small portion of the data potential, so data scientists who can use Python to help rethink business models and improve performance are in high demand. The learning curve for Python is very low. This language, with its many data structures, classes and nested functions and iterators, is the first choice for data scientists when it comes to analyzing and extracting big data and making informed business decisions.
Anchorsoft Academy
Established in: 2010
Cities: Ikeja
Address: First floor 2B Yinusa Adeniji street, Unity Rd, Off Toyin, Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria

Anchorsoft Academy offers software engineering training. We are one the best coding schools in Lagos Nigeria. We are a coding bootcamp that focuses on web, mobile and restful API software development.
We offer software development courses as well as complimentary courses such UI/UX Design and Database Development and Administration.

Fullstack Web Development with Python/Django

Cities: Ikeja
Duration: 4 Months
Price: N200,000
Education type: Offline
A full-stack web application is a client/server software system that includes both the frontend, which users interact with, as well as the backend, which handles the operational processing. The frontend is built using html, CSS, and Javascript, while the backend can use any platform/programming language.
Our backend platform of choice in this course is Python. Python makes web development fun! For beginners, it is simple to learn. It's powerful and battle-tested in many settings and can be used to build different mission-critical applications.
Goldtech ICT Hub
Established in: 2007
Cities: Ikeja
Address: 154, Obafemi Awolowo Way, opposite Ikeja airport hotel, close to Allen Roundabout, Ikeja, Lagos.

Goldtech ICT Hub is synonymous with excellence. It offers highly-focused IT courses that are results-oriented and is a top destination for corporate training and personal growth in Nigeria. We are a leader in IT Education, IT Consultancy, and IT Solutions Development & Services. After more than 500 graduates from our accredited IT Training Centres in Lagos, we have over a decade of success. Individuals and businesses can now choose from hundreds course offerings delivered by industry experts and offered at our locations. GoldTech ICT Hub provides IT training for many organizations large, small and medium.

Python Programming Language

Cities: Ikeja
Duration: 90 hours
Education type: Offline
This program will teach you the basics of Python programming language. The Python Programming Language, an object-oriented language, is quickly becoming a popular choice for both desktop and scripting applications.
Torilo Academy
Established in: 2005
Cities: Lagos
Address: 1, Olaniyan Close, Abule Busstop, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Maryland, Ikeja, Lagos.

Torilo Academy is Nigeria’s most renowned provider of training courses.
Take a look at our UI/UX and Web Design courses.

Software Engineering Python Training

Cities: Lagos
Duration: 12 weeks
Price: N250,000
Education type: Offline
This course will teach you about frameworks, architectures, and how to maintain and successfully test your application using Python, an extremely popular programming language. It will teach you how to create web applications and store and manipulate complex data. This is what you'll learn at Torilo Academy Training Center. You will have a customized application by the end of the course.
FlamyTech Computer School
Established in: 2003
Cities: Lagos
Address: 176 Adetola Street, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria

FlamyTech Computer School can train individuals, employees of companies, and members and staff of institutions and organisations. Our goal is to provide a solid foundation in computer and software usage for our students. We teach all software programs used in different establishments at FlamyTech Computer School.

Diploma in Python Programming

Cities: Lagos
Duration: 4 Weeks
Price: ₦160,000
Education type: Offline
This course will teach you how to program in Python. It is fun, interactive, and easy. The course begins with the trainer introducing Python to students and installing Python IDLE, Python Shell, and then diving into the core concepts of Python coding. The Diploma in Python Programming is designed for people who are interested in programming high-level, interpreted programming languages that can be used for general purpose programming.
Aledoy Academy
Established in: 2010
Cities: Lagos
Address: Abbey Mortgage Bank Building. 51 Okota Road,Okota-Isolo Lagos, Nigeria

Our ultimate joy lies in being mentioned as part of your success story
Our students are encouraged to work on real projects as part of their portfolio. We offer ongoing support to all our trainees. Trainees who want to return to the facility after their training are granted unrestricted access. Our Hall of Fame includes those who have been an important part of our organization at one time. Some of our alumni have made a name for themselves in the tech industry; others are notable members of our team and past; while others have contributed significantly to our current reality.


Cities: Lagos
Duration: 8 Weeks
Price: ₦200,000
Education type: Offline
Students will learn how to approach projects with the AGILE approach in this training. Django eliminates the need for repetitive code written in many different applications. Django is a secure and scalable, flexible, maintainable, upgradable, and easily extensible python framework. Django is used to build popular platforms such as Pinterest, Spotify and Instagram, Disqus, Youtube and Dropbox, Mozilla, Eventbrite and many other.
Alabian Solutions Limited
Established in: 2011
Cities: Ikeja
Address: Infinite Grace Plaza Plot 4 Oyetubo Street off Obafemi Awolowo Way Ikeja Lagos

We are a web solutions provider firm located in Lagos. Our expertise includes web development, mobile app creation, web hosting, and digital marketing. Staffed by web professionals who have proven success in delivering high-impact high tech solutions that communicate the corporate message and personality. 


Cities: Ikeja
Duration: 2 Months
Price: ₦200,000.00
Education type: Offline
This training will teach you how to create software using Python and Django MVC Framework. The latest Python version, Python 3, will be used by participants. Participants will learn the basics of building a Frontend for software that runs on the internet, which includes HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4 and JavaScript.
This training program is ideal for anyone who wants to change careers, improve their skills, start a business, be a consultant or simply learn.
Piston and Fusion Business Academy
Established in: 2009
Cities: Ikeja
Address: 122A Obadina Street Omole Phase 1, Ikeja Lagos

Piston and Fusion Ltd was founded in 2009 by a group of experienced professionals who recognized a gap in Nigerian project delivery and best practices. P&F is one of the most rapidly growing start-up businesses in the region's south west, thanks to its core competency in Project Management. We are also experts in ICT-related projects and hands on training.

Data Science Using Python

Cities: Ikeja
Price: ₦ 150,000
Education type: Offline
Python for Data Science focuses on the fundamentals of Python data science, including how to manipulate, process, clean, and crunch data. This course is a modern, practical introduction to scientific computing in Python that is suited for data-intensive applications. The Data Science With Python Course is designed to teach you the basics of Python. The course will include the following: Basic Programming with Python; Jupiter notebook; NumPy with Python; and Using pandas data frames to solve complex tasks.

Python Programming Training Courses with Reviews

Latest Reviews

Leinad Studios

2022-12-08 14:59:03 UTC
Amazing tutors! I took the graphic design and web design courses. Now I feel confident in taking on design projects and applying for jobs

Leinad Studios

2022-12-09 10:44:54 UTC
This is the best graphic design institute in Lagos, no cap

BiZmarrow Technologies

2023-01-02 05:13:44 UTC
I enjoyed a wonderful practical hands on training from Bizmarrow technologies. The wonderful part is i built a real website before i graduated. My trainer was a wonderful guy and they have a very conducive environment for learning

BiZmarrow Technologies

2023-01-02 05:16:01 UTC
my experience with Bizmarrow technologies was great and wonderful. From computer appreciation to web developer. All thanks to my tutors , Mrs Grace and Sir Jules, who with their patience and motivation, were able to put me through .Learning with them is also fun. Looking forward to continue my UI/UX journey with them.

BiZmarrow Technologies

Favour Austin
2023-01-02 05:17:39 UTC
my experience with Bizmarrow technologies was great and wonderful. Learning full stack python programming was kinda hard but all thanks to my tutors , Mrs Grace, Mr.Michael and Mr.samson, who with their patience and motivation, were able to put me through .Learning with them is also fun. Looking forward to continue my web development journey with them.

Pepperstone NG

2023-01-02 16:14:29 UTC
I use papperstone account, I have completed download, create account and download binance app,create account, verified, authenticate my account and all things their same to my receptionist commanded to me, in this course my receptionist was ignored me I don't know why, but now my account didn't active my wallet is 0.0 i need your help to complete my training course please

The Nail Boutique

2023-01-14 06:56:56 UTC
This place is everything, and restores my faith in the service industry in Nigeria. Glad it’s in my neighborhood. Seriously best find of 2023.

The Nail Boutique

2023-01-14 06:57:31 UTC
Alexis As far as I am concerned, this is the best nail place in Lagos. Quality attention is paid to everything; ambience, service, customer service, etc. I would highly recommend.

The Nail Boutique

2023-01-14 06:58:02 UTC
The service was terrible. I asked for a coffin shape with French tips and was disappointed with how they turned out. They looked nothing like the picture I showed them. James was too preoccupied with watching the soccer game to do my nails.

The Nail Boutique

2023-01-14 06:58:31 UTC
In the last few visits I have had to complain about staff dragging their feet, throwing items to each other, and being loud. When having a "luxury treatment," the ambience matters. Wax has changed and flakes off which is not as nice as the previous wax used. The music is too loud and appears to be for the staff as more and more people seem to be using headphones. There is still no competition, but there is room for improvement.

Dicey Nail Studio

2023-01-14 07:02:58 UTC
The best nail studio for regular and artistic nails. Dicey nail studio is more than just nail polishing, it's a life-changing experience.

Dicey Nail Studio

Barbie James
2023-01-14 07:03:38 UTC
I go to Dicey's studio from the island because I don't want anyone else to fix my nails, and his prices are very affordable, so giving him a try will definitely convince you that he is awesome.❤️

Dicey Nail Studio

2023-01-14 07:04:06 UTC
Excellent customer service and time management. One of the most professional nail technicians I've visited.

Dicey Nail Studio

2023-01-14 07:04:37 UTC
Having been served by Dicey himself when he did pedicures for me, I can recommend his services to anyone looking for an experienced technician in this field around Lagos and even beyond.

Dicey Nail Studio

Kayode Okeowo
2023-01-14 07:05:02 UTC
A well-rounded service and good customer reception can be found at Dicey Nail Studio. We highly recommend them.

Abigail's Nails

Sylvia Agbo
2023-01-14 07:21:14 UTC
Whenever I go to Abigail nails, I always get amazing nails...not what you ordered versus what you got...quite expensive, but worth it, at least the nails last over a month.

Abigail's Nails

2023-01-14 07:21:40 UTC
Whenever I have visited, the reception has always been so warm, and the service is always great and affordable. You will be out in good time and receive quality service.

Abigail's Nails

Kacie A
2023-01-14 07:22:06 UTC
It is hands down the best nails in Lagos. However, the wait is unbearable. The system needs to be improved because I waited for an hour and a half, watched people come and take a spot, but then run errands because of the wait. However, I also saw someone walk in and have their nails done in 10 minutes.

Torilo Academy

2023-09-08 13:14:25 UTC
I took a course with no prior knowledge and i can honestly say I have since been using the digitl marketing skills to get remote jobs and physical. started out as an intern then used the knowledge gained to advance myself. Now, i can vouch for myself.

FlamyTech Computer School

2023-09-11 12:43:25 UTC
From what I've seen the are very good