Best Sales Training Courses in Nigeria (Found 9 training providers)

Find out where you can learn Sales in the following cities :
Lagos Ikeja Abuja
SalesRuby Academy
Established in: 2001
Cities: Ikeja
Address: 14a, Amara Olu St., Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos State

We are the leader in Nigeria and Africa for performance improvement and sales training. Individualized training and certification for companies and individuals who want to improve their sales results.
We have helped thousands of salespeople and teams from more than 250 companies in over 20 industries improve their sales performance, as well as training and certifications. Our sales training programs are based on incremental growth and change over time. We focus on personal and corporate branding, leadership, innovation and personal development, customer service & people management, career and corporate growth, and training in sales and marketing.

Insurance Sales Training

Cities: Ikeja
Education type: Offline
This program is intended to provide insurance agents and professionals with the necessary skills to value products that are complex, intangible, or abstract.
Lagos Business School
Established in: 2003
Cities: Lagos
Address: Lekki - Epe Expressway Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria

The Pan-Atlantic University Foundation owns the Lagos Business School (LBS), which is a business graduate school. It is registered in Nigeria to be a non-profit foundation. LBS is a graduate school in business.

Accelerate your Career in Sales

Cities: Lagos
Duration: 4 Months
Price: N 1,800,000
Education type: Offline
LBS Sales Academy was created to equip sales professionals with the practical tools they need to succeed in today's dynamic and competitive market. Modules include case studies, activity-based sessions and a capstone project that will allow participants to apply key lessons directly to their work in order to increase performance and reach sales targets.
TomFlims Consulting
Established in: 2009
Cities: Lagos
Address: 19, Oseni Close, off Modupe Johnson Crescent, off Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere, Lagos

We can work with companies to create and implement successful In-House Training programs. We then design and implement a program that meets those goals.
Our In-House Training Programs can be customized to suit your needs.

Effective Prospecting Sales Course

Cities: Lagos
Duration: 3 Days
Price: ₦105,000.00
Education type: Offline
Effective prospecting is key to success in sales. Prospecting effectively is an essential part of the sales process. It helps you attract new customers, business, and exceed your budget.
This course will provide you with extensive training in public speaking, making cold phone calls, goal setting and networking. This course will teach you every skill necessary to prospect effectively.
The Effective Prospecting Training Course will teach you how to target people, make cold calls, follow-up on leads, network effectively, use public speaking and conduct trade shows.
Prospecting training can help professionals improve their skills and understand the business.
The Knowledge Academy NG
Established in: 1999
Cities: Lagos
Address: Kofo Abayomi Street Victoria ISland Lagos Nigeri

We are the most trusted and largest provider of training courses worldwide. We offer over 30,000 courses at over 1000 locations in 190 countries.

Sales Training

Cities: Lagos
Duration: 1 Day
Price: $1095
Education type: Offline
This course is designed to equip trainees with the necessary tools to improve their chances of winning the bidding process. The course teaches delegates how to be client-focused and what contractors are looking for. The course will teach trainees about the basics of bidding and how to make a proposal that is successful. It also teaches them how to manage the process from submission to evaluation.
Tom Associates Training
Established in: 1992
Cities: Lagos
Address: 5/7, Alade Lawal Street, Opposite Anthony Police Station, Idi-Iroko, Anthony Village, Lagos - Nigeria

Tom Associates Limited Liability Company was founded in Nigeria. Our company was founded in 1992. The Tom Associates Management Development Centre is located in Anthony Village, Nigeria. This location is ideal for training sessions, seminars, and meetings. This is an ideal place to meet if you don't want to deal with the traffic jams in Lagos. It is easily accessible by both international and local airports. Six meeting/conference rooms are available with the latest comforts and state of-the-art equipment. The reference library is well-stocked.


Cities: Lagos
Duration: 5 Days
Price: N175,000
Education type: Offline
We offer the following training for senior and top sales managers. These people are not only responsible for selling but also manage sales executives and territories:
Business Skills & Management - This intensive training can help you to improve your business skills and management abilities. It will also make it easier for you to manage sales profitably in your company.
Increase Your Customer Base - You will see that senior managers and sales executives will create more customers, attend to more demands, and manage the field staff more effectively after the training.
Perform for Profit - We will train managers to keep an eye on performance and all sales executives to reinvigorate their interest in focusing on profit.

Webkraft Academy
Established in: 2017
Cities: Lagos
Address: 80, Ademola Adetokunbo Street, Victoria Island - Lagos

Webkraft Academy empowers youth, professionals and entrepreneurs with the digital skills they need to succeed in the tech industry. The primary objective is to ensure youths & business owners are prepared for the next wave of what is required to create, nurture, generate sales & grow a business in a smart & intelligent digital world while contributing to their professional/business growth at the same time.

Digital Sales & Selling Course

Cities: Lagos
Price: ₦105,000
Education type: Offline
How to convert more customers into buyers. Learn practical skills and experience in digital sales and selling products/services online to increase sales and grow your business. 100% practical with mini projects & resources
Institute of Sales and Marketing Management of Nigeria (ISMMN)
Established in: 1996
Cities: Abuja
Address: Plot 131 Cadastral Zone, Sector A. Jahi District. Off Mabushi Modern Market Road. Jahi. Abuja

The Institute was founded in 1996 to meet the growing need for an integrated Sales and Marketing Management professional body in Nigeria. Act of Parliament 2007 authorized ISMMN to be certified, legalized and recognized. ISMMN is the only national integrated Institute of Sales and Marketing Management. It offers National Qualification Frame Work (NQF), which is required for accreditations with National Assembly. The Institute's objectives are primarily to provide a benchmark that will help Sales and Marketing Management professionals in their chosen career for the purpose of helping them achieve the organization's desired mission and goals.

Certificate Course on Sales and Marketing Management

Cities: Abuja
Duration: 12 weeks
Price: N300,000
Education type: Offline
The Certificate Course in Sales and Marketing Management will help students strengthen the relationships between marketing and sales departments within a company. This course will allow professionals in the industry to get more out of the sales environment. It will allow them to expand their offline and online businesses and improve communications.
Participants will have a certificate in sales and market management. They will be able understand the principles and practices behind effective sales and marketing.
This course in sales and marketing management was created to help managers, sales professionals, and supervisors from a variety of backgrounds who wish to learn skills and techniques that will allow them to be successful in the fields of marketing and sales.
Piston and Fusion Business Academy
Established in: 2009
Cities: Ikeja
Address: 122A Obadina Street Omole Phase 1, Ikeja Lagos

Piston and Fusion Ltd was founded in 2009 by a group of experienced professionals who recognized a gap in Nigerian project delivery and best practices. P&F is one of the most rapidly growing start-up businesses in the region's south west, thanks to its core competency in Project Management. We are also experts in ICT-related projects and hands on training.

B2B Sales and Business Development Course

Cities: Ikeja
Duration: 2 Days
Price: ₦110,000
Education type: Offline
B2B sales & business development is all about selling products and/or services to businesses. You must be able to establish long-term relationships and solve problems for potential customers in order to succeed in sales. This course will help you to create qualified business leads, present great proposals, and close more deals.
Alpha Partners
Established in: 1996
Cities: Lagos
Address: 200, Murtala Muhammed Way (2nd & 3rd Floors), Yaba, Lagos. Nigeria.

Alpha Partners is a respected firm of Management and Training Consultants. They have extensive experience in corporate training in Finance and Accounting and Auditing as well as Banking and Management, Security and Public Relations, Secretarial Studies, Leadership, and Marketing.
Our multi-disciplinary company was established in 1996. We are a leader in this area. It also has branches in Enugu and Lagos.
We offer a wide range of professional services including audits, accounting, finance, taxation and ICT security, engineering and management, as well as insurance, human resources management, secretarial services and consulting services.
Our clients are proud to say that our services have helped them achieve sound resource management.

Sales and Marketing Management

Cities: Lagos
Duration: 4 Days
Price: ₦190,000
Education type: Offline
This course includes insights from the Focus Group and discussions with industry experts. It will give you clear insights and help you identify market gaps. It will create the right programs and outline clear strategies for program delivery. This course will provide practitioners with the most current tools to succeed.

Sales Training Courses with Reviews

When choosing sales training courses, it's important to consider both the content and the delivery format. The courses should cover topics that are relevant to your team's needs and be presented in a way that is engaging and easy to follow.Some factors to keep in mind when selecting sales training courses include:
- The experience and expertise of the instructor
- The quality of the course materials
- The length and duration of the course
- The learning objectives and outcomes
- The price of the course

Latest Reviews

Leinad Studios

2022-12-08 14:59:03 UTC
Amazing tutors! I took the graphic design and web design courses. Now I feel confident in taking on design projects and applying for jobs

Leinad Studios

2022-12-09 10:44:54 UTC
This is the best graphic design institute in Lagos, no cap

BiZmarrow Technologies

2023-01-02 05:13:44 UTC
I enjoyed a wonderful practical hands on training from Bizmarrow technologies. The wonderful part is i built a real website before i graduated. My trainer was a wonderful guy and they have a very conducive environment for learning

BiZmarrow Technologies

2023-01-02 05:16:01 UTC
my experience with Bizmarrow technologies was great and wonderful. From computer appreciation to web developer. All thanks to my tutors , Mrs Grace and Sir Jules, who with their patience and motivation, were able to put me through .Learning with them is also fun. Looking forward to continue my UI/UX journey with them.

BiZmarrow Technologies

Favour Austin
2023-01-02 05:17:39 UTC
my experience with Bizmarrow technologies was great and wonderful. Learning full stack python programming was kinda hard but all thanks to my tutors , Mrs Grace, Mr.Michael and Mr.samson, who with their patience and motivation, were able to put me through .Learning with them is also fun. Looking forward to continue my web development journey with them.

Pepperstone NG

2023-01-02 16:14:29 UTC
I use papperstone account, I have completed download, create account and download binance app,create account, verified, authenticate my account and all things their same to my receptionist commanded to me, in this course my receptionist was ignored me I don't know why, but now my account didn't active my wallet is 0.0 i need your help to complete my training course please

The Nail Boutique

2023-01-14 06:56:56 UTC
This place is everything, and restores my faith in the service industry in Nigeria. Glad it’s in my neighborhood. Seriously best find of 2023.

The Nail Boutique

2023-01-14 06:57:31 UTC
Alexis As far as I am concerned, this is the best nail place in Lagos. Quality attention is paid to everything; ambience, service, customer service, etc. I would highly recommend.

The Nail Boutique

2023-01-14 06:58:02 UTC
The service was terrible. I asked for a coffin shape with French tips and was disappointed with how they turned out. They looked nothing like the picture I showed them. James was too preoccupied with watching the soccer game to do my nails.

The Nail Boutique

2023-01-14 06:58:31 UTC
In the last few visits I have had to complain about staff dragging their feet, throwing items to each other, and being loud. When having a "luxury treatment," the ambience matters. Wax has changed and flakes off which is not as nice as the previous wax used. The music is too loud and appears to be for the staff as more and more people seem to be using headphones. There is still no competition, but there is room for improvement.

Dicey Nail Studio

2023-01-14 07:02:58 UTC
The best nail studio for regular and artistic nails. Dicey nail studio is more than just nail polishing, it's a life-changing experience.

Dicey Nail Studio

Barbie James
2023-01-14 07:03:38 UTC
I go to Dicey's studio from the island because I don't want anyone else to fix my nails, and his prices are very affordable, so giving him a try will definitely convince you that he is awesome.❤️

Dicey Nail Studio

2023-01-14 07:04:06 UTC
Excellent customer service and time management. One of the most professional nail technicians I've visited.

Dicey Nail Studio

2023-01-14 07:04:37 UTC
Having been served by Dicey himself when he did pedicures for me, I can recommend his services to anyone looking for an experienced technician in this field around Lagos and even beyond.

Dicey Nail Studio

Kayode Okeowo
2023-01-14 07:05:02 UTC
A well-rounded service and good customer reception can be found at Dicey Nail Studio. We highly recommend them.

Abigail's Nails

Sylvia Agbo
2023-01-14 07:21:14 UTC
Whenever I go to Abigail nails, I always get amazing nails...not what you ordered versus what you got...quite expensive, but worth it, at least the nails last over a month.

Abigail's Nails

2023-01-14 07:21:40 UTC
Whenever I have visited, the reception has always been so warm, and the service is always great and affordable. You will be out in good time and receive quality service.

Abigail's Nails

Kacie A
2023-01-14 07:22:06 UTC
It is hands down the best nails in Lagos. However, the wait is unbearable. The system needs to be improved because I waited for an hour and a half, watched people come and take a spot, but then run errands because of the wait. However, I also saw someone walk in and have their nails done in 10 minutes.

Torilo Academy

2023-09-08 13:14:25 UTC
I took a course with no prior knowledge and i can honestly say I have since been using the digitl marketing skills to get remote jobs and physical. started out as an intern then used the knowledge gained to advance myself. Now, i can vouch for myself.

FlamyTech Computer School

2023-09-11 12:43:25 UTC
From what I've seen the are very good