3 Best SQL Programming Training Courses in Lagos

3 Best SQL Programming Training Providers in Lagos, Nigeria

Find out where you can learn SQL Programming in the following cities :
Lagos Ikeja Abuja
Habanero Data Solutions
Established in: 2016
Cities: Lagos
Address: Capital Square Garnet Building Lekki Epe-Express Road Lekki , Lagos ,Nigeria

Habanero Data Solutions understands the challenges of data analytics. We can provide modern solutions for old data problems such as CSV files and spreadsheets, or clunky databases. Our expertise will help you make better, faster decisions by turning your data into valuable insights.
Big Data is a rapidly growing field that has been called "new oil" and will be the engine of the economy for the next decades.
To refine the data and reveal the powerful and valuable insights it holds, Data Analytics tools are required. The people who have the ability to use these tools to transform insight into action will make the most impact on the future of organizations.

SQL Programming

Cities: Lagos
Duration: 5 Days
Price: ₦ 300,000
Education type: Offline
This course, which is 5 days long, is designed for those who are new to SQL programming language and databases. This course is for anyone, technical or not, who needs to be able to use SQL to manipulate a data base.
Participants will learn the fundamental concepts of databases as well as structured query language (SQL) during this course. Participants will be able to write and read simple and complex SQL statements. Participants will have a strong working knowledge of this powerful, universal database programming language. Participants will have a solid working knowledge of relational databases as well as SQL (Structured Query Langauge) by the end of this course.
FlamyTech Computer School
Established in: 2003
Cities: Lagos
Address: 176 Adetola Street, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria

FlamyTech Computer School can train individuals, employees of companies, and members and staff of institutions and organisations. Our goal is to provide a solid foundation in computer and software usage for our students. We teach all software programs used in different establishments at FlamyTech Computer School.

Diploma in Oracle Database Administration

Cities: Lagos
Duration: 3 Months
Price: ₦200,000
Education type: Offline
FlamyTech Computer School's Oracle Database Administration Course teaches students the basics of Relational Database Management Systems. This course is an introduction to Oracle Database 12c. This course will show you how to create, manage and maintain robust cloud-based databases using the Oracle database tools. This course is intended to prepare the student for Oracle Database Administrator (Oracle DBA) status.
The Knowledge Academy NG
Established in: 1999
Cities: Lagos
Address: Kofo Abayomi Street Victoria ISland Lagos Nigeri

We are the most trusted and largest provider of training courses worldwide. We offer over 30,000 courses at over 1000 locations in 190 countries.

Advanced SQL Course

Cities: Lagos
Duration: 2 Days
Price: $1695
Education type: Offline
The Advanced SQL training course lasts two days and builds on the knowledge and understanding gained in the Introduction. This Advanced SQL course focuses on teaching new and complex SQL techniques that will allow delegates to grasp the most important concepts in the database world. This course will make you a more proficient SQL user, able to execute more complex commands for viewing and managing tables as well as complex queries.
The course will teach you SQL techniques such as creating and managing tables, Data Manipulation Language, (DML), which allows the creation of Databases and Apps. It also enables the scaling up emerging and dynamic technological networks. The course will give you a solid understanding of the techniques and the ability to manage a relational data base.

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