4 Best Video Editing Training Courses in Ikeja

4 Best Video Editing Training Providers in Ikeja, Nigeria

Find out where you can learn Video Editing in the following cities :
Lagos Ikeja
1 Leinad Studios
Leinad Studios
Established in: 2017
Cities: Ikeja
5 Anthony Ojeikere St, Ogba 101232, Ikeja

Video editing training

Cities: Ikeja
Price: ₦50,000
Education type: Offline
Our video editing training will prepare you to pursue opportunities in the film industry, music production and media center. You will learn how to edit video, from cutting the clip to transitioning and much more. Premiere pro is an industry standard editor. You will be able to create professional quality video output using tools such as slide, rate stretch and rolling edit. Additionally, you will learn how to edit sound and audio using different audio effects that match the visual. We won't stop until you are confident that you can edit a complete video scene without any supervision.
2 EarlyBell
Established in: 2007
Cities: Ikeja
5 Alh Alli Ln, Ogba, Lagos State.

Master Video Editing and Color Grading

Cities: Ikeja
Education type: Offline
Our video editors have years of experience and are certified professionals who can help you rocket your career. Video editors can work remotely and make as much as freelancers. We follow the trends but don't forget the basics. The industry is constantly changing and always looking for new things. Before the training ends, our instructors will teach you the necessary skills and editing techniques.
3 Sky VFX Studios
Sky VFX Studios
Established in: 2010
Cities: Ikeja
4B, Toyin Street, Opposite Victory Homes School, Ikeja, Lagos


Cities: Ikeja
Duration: 2 MONTHS
Price: N 50,000
Education type: Offline
Video editing refers to the manipulation and rearranging of video clips in order to create new works. Editing is often considered one of many post-production tasks. Other post-production tasks include colour correction, sound mixing and titling. Editing is a term that many people use to describe their post-production work, particularly in non-professional settings. It is up to the individual to decide if they are picky about terminology. We are fairly liberal in our terminology. The term editing can be used to refer to: Rearranging, adding or removing clips from video clips or audio clips; Colour corrections, filters, and other enhancements; and Creating transitions between clips.
4 New Horizons Nigeria
New Horizons Nigeria
Established in: 2010
Cities: Ikeja
Call: +014537638
5, Babatola Close, Off Obafemi Awolowo way, Ikeja, Lagos

Graphics and Multimedia Course

Cities: Ikeja
Duration: 3 Months
Education type: Offline
Graphic design is often associated with beautiful advertisements, eye-catching graphics on websites, and magazine spreads that are beautifully arranged. This course will teach you how to design business cards, books covers, product labels and logos.

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