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TrumpExcel — Training Courses and Reviews

Excel Spreadsheet enthusiasts will find many helpful videos and tutorials here.
Even if Excel is not your thing, there are many templates and tricks that can be used to boost productivity.
Although I've been using Excel spreadsheets for over 10 years, it wasn't until the summer of 2013, that I really got into it. Every day I learned something new and wanted to share that knowledge with others. One fine day, I created
Prior to starting this blog full-time, I was a financial analyst. MS Excel was my tool of choice for data crunching and analysis.
My time was spent creating videos and tutorials, as well as learning new things in Excel.
Microsoft has recognized me as a Most Valued Professional (MVP in Excel) for sharing my Excel knowledge with others and helping them learn Excel.


Duration: 12 hours
Price: Free
Education type: Online
This is the best place to begin if you are an Excel beginner or intermediate and you want to learn Excel.
This page provides access to an entirely free online Excel training (26 videos lessons, 12+ hours of learning).
The course is available to anyone without registering or doing anything. Scroll down to view the videos and learn Excel.
These Excel training videos will help you make the most of the free training. Please follow the order in which they are listed. These have been divided into seven modules.


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Tadele Alemseged
2022-11-10 14:56:24 UTC
I was eager to know how are we going to offset debit and credit. for example, you have five different amounts on the debit side and one on the credit side. which formula to apply for this type of matching number?

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