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UltraMixer — Training Courses and Reviews

UltraMixer is one the best Bitcoin Mixers. They offer high levels of confidentiality through using a mixture of bitcoin addresses for transactions. They guarantee a quick and reliable transaction and only charge a small commission once payment is confirmed. No data log is kept and all data is deleted.
UltraMixer allows you to send any amount from a wide range of cryptocurrency. To send funds, the system does not use your bitcoin address. Instead, the system uses funds from the pool to send the funds and then uses your funds for replenishment. Because the crypto reserve is always replenished, the service works automatically.


Reviews about the company

2022-09-01 14:40:37 UTC
Ultramixer.net and all mixers on the bestbitcoinmixers.com site are fake / fraud ... I did everything correctly... Support wrote to me that they have a problem with my account and needed more information. Now, after 2 days, you don't reply at all. All bitcoins are gone.
2022-09-01 14:40:52 UTC
Don't trust them with your crypto, it won't reach its destination. Reddit has a thread about this. You can try it with a small amount that you aren't afraid to lose if you don’t believe me.
2022-09-01 14:41:08 UTC
One of the working mixers that has stood the test of time. When choosing a service for mixing, you should pay attention to its reputation, read reviews in independent sources, and check if its addresses are traceable
2022-09-01 14:41:26 UTC
Service confusing traces in the open registry and making the task of identifying a bitcoin wallet owner as difficult as possible. The fewer people know the address and balance of your wallet, the better. And UltraMixer does an excellent job.

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