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Age Gap Dating
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Age Gap Dating — Training Courses and Reviews

All profiles from people outside of this age range will be hidden. You can date anyone aged between 18 and 20 if you're 40 years old. If you're 18 years old, you can date anyone older than 38. If you're looking for someone younger than yourself, 20 is the best option. On a dating site, it can be hard to find an 18-year-old or 20-year-old who is open to a relationship with a 40 year-old. You can find 20 to tell you that everyone is open for a wider age gap. All sexualities and genders are welcome to 20.


Reviews about the company

2022-11-04 18:22:50 UTC
Age Gap dating is not to be trusted. They demanded money from users without their consent. Fake users were more common than real users. Hidden fees are all around. This is an awful company and site. This is false.
2022-11-04 18:23:22 UTC
I was talking to a girl, and suddenly she stopped texting me back. The message was sent, but I have not seen it. This could be the problem considering I am not a paid member. Very disgruntled
2022-11-04 18:23:54 UTC
I was not the one who ordered it, but they charged me premium. I tried multiple times to contact them but they did not respond. ! It's frustrating, to put it mildly.
2022-11-04 18:24:35 UTC
This app does not respect users. It blocks accounts after the first day, without giving any reason. Age Gap Dating won't answer emails.

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