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Mixer.money — Training Courses and Reviews

Mixer.money, a bitcoin blender, splits funds from users into smaller pieces and then mixes them with other clients' funds. As smaller payments, you receive coins that are not traceable to your new bitcoin address. Mixer.money employs two blending algorithms, and deletes any data concerning a transaction after 48hrs.
Mixer.money doesn't require registration. The bitcoin mixing process can take up to six hours. You can mix funds starting at 0.003 up to 50 BTC. Mixer.money charges a fee of 4-5% for each transaction, and an additional $0.0007 BTC per output address.


Reviews about the company

2022-09-01 14:45:23 UTC
"This is a very dubious Bitcoin clearing system. This site appears to allow you to store your transactions with cryptocurrency for many years. You can clear coins in as little as an hour, or even up to five hours without being identified. Users also get clean money and not "dirty money". Mixer.money is not a site I trust. Mixer-money is very likely to disappear after you have thrown bitcoins in. Site takes 1% commission on the total amount. They need an email address and a wallet number. Many sites offer a similar Bitcoin mix scheme. Money is transferred to other wallets, then another place and so on until it "get washed". There is no guarantee that the money will return to you. I don't recommend trusting."
2022-09-01 14:45:39 UTC
This is probably the best instant bitcoin mixer. If you want to secure your balance and hide it in blockchain - try this service. I highly recommend
2022-09-01 14:45:57 UTC
I used this service three times. The first and second times it worked. The third time the coins never came back. The support service ignores me... Be careful with this site!
2022-09-01 14:46:20 UTC
Mixer.money has been used once. I just tried this site with $10. The mixing was quick and I received the coins immediately after I sent the money to the address. This service makes me feel more secure as no one can track me and no one knows who the owner or user of the address is.
2022-09-01 14:46:39 UTC
A few days ago, I attempted to clear large amounts of coins. Since then, I have been blocked. The site keeps showing me a blank page every time I attempt to transfer bitcoins.

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