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Established in: 2019

Did you know that every company is composed of a team with an idea? This idea allows the company to grow, achieve new heights, overcome challenges and succeed. We want you to find your soulmate. Others are interested in helping people stay healthy. Others assist with their inner struggles. Everyone wants to be happy and have a fulfilling life. While you create the perfect environment to find your true love while others test the supercar and build space stations, we are making it possible for you. Dependence is a key characteristic of human relationships. This is the driving force behind our dating site. Sometimes we all need someone to support us and give advice. Our unsurpassed service is for you if you believe in true love and want to find happiness with a woman who will be trustworthy.
• Private profiles cannot be accessed
• Report Spam Profiles
• There are many features available
• Website also available in English
• Chat messages can be charged
Established in: 1998

Tinder is for singles looking for friendship, love, and casual dating. You can find your perfect match on Tinder. Over 55 million matches have been made. The dating landscape is changing. Many people meet online. Tinder is the most used dating app in the entire world. There are millions of singles available, all ready to meet someone similar to you. Tinder can spark passions in anyone, no matter if you're gay or straight. Tinder has something to offer everyone. Are you looking for a partner? You got it. Are you looking to make new friends? Say no more. Are you a student new to campus and looking to get the most out your college experience? Tinder U has you covered. Tinder U isn't your average dating site. Tinder U is the largest app for adults. It allows people from all walks to connect, share memories and make new connections.
• Tinder was originally the first app that allowed users to swipe.
• Even though upgrading unlocks many useful bells or whistles, the app is still fully functional.
• Unlike other apps, there are no time limits for messaging.
• Tinder also offers Face To Face. This allows you and your friends to video chat within the app.
• This is a great way to attract people looking for love. It's possible to get married in one night.
• Tinder's integrated video chat function is available in limited markets. It is available in the United States to users who reside in Illinois, Georgia, or Colorado.
• If you're not in a large city, you may be able to find a smaller match queue. 76% of users are located in urban areas. 17% live in suburbs, while 7% live in rural areas.
• If you don't upgrade, you can only swipe onto 100 profiles per hour.
• Tinder is more popular with men than women so you will see a lot of competition for the most beautiful women in your area.
• You can only find a limited amount of information about potential matches. It's easy to create your profile. It's very unlikely that you will meet someone who is serious about your relationship.
Established in: 2006

It is a Latino dating website where Hispanics can chat and socialize in an environment that is safe. Site homepage lists 5 million active users. While not all of these users can be considered current users, it is still noteworthy. You can choose between gold or platinum membership, which will elevate your profile to the highest level. You can still use the online dating site even if you're a free member. You can also respond to messages sent by premium members, even if you don't have a subscription.
•Website has over 400,000 users around the world and over 136,000 in the USA
•For user protection, you will need to complete the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act Form.
•Every user profile can have a verified badge
•Include detailed search functions
•No mobile app available for iOS users
•The interface of an old website design is difficult to navigate.
•The site has a low percentage of female members
•The platform is not without its fair share of fake profiles.
•To exchange messages with other members, you must purchase a paid subscription.
Established in: 2000

Latinaromance is where you should go to find educated, informed Latin singles. This site is for those over 30 who have a college degree. If you feel like this is you, create a profile to start searching for the Latin partner of your dreams. Latinaromance is like, and other high-quality dating sites, but you need a paid membership in order to send messages. Both paid and free users can use the "wink" function to show interest. This alone won't make you a lot of progress.
•Most site members have uploaded lots of photos
•Excellent communication options
•Three-day free trial, with full access to all features of the website
•Excellent reputation for the site
•The ability to report false profiles
•no mobile app
•No proof of identity verification
•Public profiles
•There are no anonymous payment methods
Established in: 2010
Address: claims it is an interracial dating site. It is for Latino men and women of all ethnicities. It is very similar to other Latino dating sites. This service is not well-known. The service appears to have started sometime in 2010 and the corporation behind it seems to have been founded around 2005. It is difficult to find out information about potential mates because Latinolicious does not provide any statistics on its members. You should give Latinolicious a try, provided you follow the appropriate safety precautions and take proper measures to protect yourself online.
•The registration is completely free and you can read and respond to any letters sent by paid users.
•Affordable and consistent membership plans with a money back guarantee
•One of the most mobile-friendly websites on this niche.
•The ability to have private chats
•The ability to report spam profiles easily
•Lack of verification methods for profiles and the possibility of scam profiles.
•presence of "strange members"
•No mobile app is available
•There are no anonymous payment methods.
Established in: 2005

You can register quickly and start meeting people immediately. This dating site allows users to search for Latino singles and attract their attention. Free users can also reply to Premium members' messages. To access premium search filters and extensive statistics, you will need to join. Right now, there are two levels to membership: platinum and gold. Platinum membership costs $35 per monthly and includes profile enhancements like VIP profile highlighting and double profile area. Gold membership is $30 per Month.
•Profiles are confidential
•Payment methods anonymous
•Moderators actively remove fake profiles and members who are not genuine. You can also earn a verified badge to show your profile.
•Customer support is very responsive to complaints
•You can access a lot of useful contacting features within the free plan.
•No proof of identity verification
•No mobile app available for iOS users
•It takes some time to load live translations;
•Even with the protection you have, fake profiles can still be created using celebrity stock photos or models' photos.
Established in: 2017

Chispa is a great option for those looking for a simple but friendly Latino dating app. This app is more interested in long-term relationships than just one-night hookups. You must create a profile to sign up. This is just like other dating apps. Most active users are American, with the remainder being from Mexico, Colombia and Nicaragua. You can search for potential matches by a number of criteria, including appearance, age, hobbies, geography. If you provide more information, it will make it easier to find a match and meet new people. 
•You can filter your search based on where you are located and set dating preferences to find the best possible matches.
•In-app activities and games;
•Available for both Android and iOS users
•Chispa is a bilingual application (available in English as well as Spanish);
•Paid features are very affordable!
•Not all profiles completed.
•Sometimes the location detection of the app can go wrong.
•Some features of the app may not work properly at times
•A small user base
•Built for quick and easy matching, but not smart & compatible.
8 hispanic
Established in: 2001

You can find Hispanic singles on eharmony based upon compatibility. Our online dating experience spans over 20 years. We can help you find compatible singles that share your values and preferences.
•There are many perks to opening an eHarmony Account.
•The initial survey is quite extensive. However, the team does a lot of the heavy lifting by using your compatibility responses. questions. To find the right candidates, you won't need to look through so many profiles.
•Unlike other dating sites, eHarmony doesn't limit your options.
•After you have paid for your preferred plan you can interact with anyone in any location.
•You must buy a plan to contact your matches, or view profiles of people who liked or visited your profile.
•eHarmony doesn't offer a free trial.
•It is less attractive for those living abroad because there are less matches elsewhere, especially outside the United States.
•If you like having a lot of people to choose from, this site is not for you. eHarmony restricts your matches to those who are compatible based upon their survey.
Established in: 2005

Colombian Cupid has the highest success rate in the dating industry, with more Latino singles than any other site. It has 30 million members and 13.5million monthly users. Cupid is free to use. You can create a profile, browse and flirt online, as well as create a profile. If you desire to engage with more people, however, you'll need to sign up for a premium membership. This site allows you to chat with other members via text or video chats.
•A large community of users, from many different countries.
•Browse any profile for free
•You can download the app for Android or iOS free of charge
•High customer satisfaction rates
•Good personal data and profile protection system
•Most advanced features require a fee;
•The paid services can be quite costly.
•There is a chance that you will be scammed.
•More male users than females.
Established in: 2001

eHarmony is another popular dating site with many features and a large member base. Many users come from other countries than the United States so it isn't just a Latin dating site. It currently has 16 million monthly users, and 35 million users worldwide. The majority of these users are aged between 24 and 35. To find a better match, you will be required to fill out a series questionnaires and take compatibility tests when you create a profile. You will need to buy a premium subscription in order to use the texting function. It is affordable.
• Choose singles of exceptional quality.
• We have never seen desktop and app interfaces that are so intuitive and user-friendly.
• High-tech matching system with high success rate.
• This country has attracted more than 2 million couples and counting.
• New video dating platform is integrated into eHarmony App 51% Men to 49% Ladies (fairly equal).
• Although your access will be restricted for a limited time, you will still have full access each weekend.
• It's more expensive than other dating websites.
• For singles looking for casual dating, it may not be ideal.
• It takes longer to sign up than other dating apps.

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Latest Reviews

2022-11-04 18:32:30 UTC
SugarDaddy has been my favourite site for a long time. It was free so I chose it. However, credit is required to access the places you desire.

2022-11-04 18:33:16 UTC
It had friends, and I had a long relationship with them. These people have made browsing more difficult than ever, by removing filters and adding new options that can cause the browser to crash.

2022-11-04 18:34:17 UTC
Sorry, too. I don't know why I didn't follow any guidelines. I can assure you that I have read every guideline at least once. It is hard to believe that I have been subject to a lifetime ban. SugarDaddy believes that homosexuality is enough to be considered a crime.

2022-11-04 18:42:40 UTC
To be honest, I doubt very much that wealthy and rich men will look for their girlfriends through any websites.

2022-11-04 18:43:36 UTC
When you register, you should always read the rules. Otherwise, you can simply lose not only love and happiness, but also money...

2022-11-04 18:45:09 UTC
GIANT SCAM! Don’t be an idiot like me and pay for this nonsense. All the girls are fake profiles. These people should be in jail.

2022-11-04 18:46:07 UTC
I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is a scam, but I can tell you from experience it doesn’t work. Seems like all the women there are hookers


Tadele Alemseged
2022-11-10 14:56:24 UTC
I was eager to know how are we going to offset debit and credit. for example, you have five different amounts on the debit side and one on the credit side. which formula to apply for this type of matching number?


2022-12-12 10:51:04 UTC
відмінний сервіс для керування проектами!


2022-12-15 17:56:38 UTC
Практически с самого его создания я всегда здесь веду обмен валюты. Обменник никогда не подводил и небыло случаев обмана как у меня так и у многих моих знакомых.


2022-12-15 17:59:19 UTC
Отличный обменник который радует своей простотой интерфейса и быстротой работы. На сайте всё просто и понятно, главное нет никаких скрытых комисий, что мне очень нравится.


2022-12-15 18:01:12 UTC
Знакомый посоветовал этот обменник, решил воспользоваться, так как имел печальный опыт работы с подобными сервисами, решил попробовать сначала на малых суммах. Но обмана нету и после тестирования стал его постоянно использовать. Спасибо з честность.


2023-01-11 09:15:50 UTC
Виведення легке і просте. Вибрав валюту отримання, вказав суму, ввів реквізити картки і через секунд 30 у мене гроші на картці.


Ренат В.
2023-01-12 11:01:31 UTC
Цим гаманцем користуюся вже десь місяць і повністю задоволений його функціоналом. Ось тільки, як на мене, так це те, що телеграм-бот доволі таки обмежений у функціоналі і краще використовувати десктопну версію, але це терпимо.


Степан Жовтий
2023-01-13 09:07:24 UTC
Нет денег нет проблем, Гы-гы. Если без шуток то с эникеш тож без проблем. Беспокоился по поводу верификации. это вызывает ощущение буд-то к тебе в карман лезут. Оказалось все норм. скрывать нечего. Получил больше опций и возможностей для переводов. зенкью


Віктор Лісенко
2023-01-17 09:27:18 UTC
Моментальний внутрішній переказ дуже порадував! Дякую! Усе блискавично і безпечно.


Сергій Шевченко
2023-01-18 11:52:07 UTC
Конкретно этот электронный кошелек мне по нраву. Средства хранить удобно. Переводы по низкой комиссии, внутренние переводы вообще без неё.


Тарас Вербенко
2023-01-19 09:23:05 UTC
Ціни немає цьому додатку! Найкраще, з чим я стикався! Поповнювати гаманець можна через карту або з мобільного рахунку навіть. Після реєстрації також доступна вірутальна картка Visa наприклад. Це дуже зручна і надійна платіжна система.

2023-09-10 09:16:02 UTC
Відмінний сервіс. Вже обміняв не одну тисячу і все працює як годинник!

2023-09-10 09:29:52 UTC
Відмінний сервіс. Вже обміняв не одну тисячу і все працює як годинник!