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Pink Parlour
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BGC Eight Forbes Town 2nd Level

Pink Parlour — Training Courses and Reviews

Pink Parlour was established in 2005 as the rebellious counterpart to day spas. It is located in a hip, groovy environment among party establishments near Mohammad Sultan. Pink Parlour set out to empower women to control their beauty and to make them feel confident. Today, it boasts over 120,000 clients in the region. This is a testimony to its commitment to delivering on its promises. Pink Parlour quickly became a leader in the grooming and waxing industry. It has pioneered premium services such as Brazilian wax treatments and spray tanning for men in Southeast Asia. Pink Parlour is a well-known brand for its hair removal solutions. They were the first to use gloves, no double dips and anti-bacteria fumigation. This set industry standards. To reduce discomfort and make waxing more efficient for clients, professional waxing procedures were introduced.


Reviews about the company

2023-01-12 17:00:32 UTC
Amazing experience! Less pain. Once you go hot wax, you will never go back to cold or sugar waxing. LOL. Min has the hands of a surgeon. Very light!
2023-01-12 17:00:49 UTC
The transaction was super smooth, I got here before 10am and was assisted. I will definitely be back. Look for Manager Min. She is very accommodating.
Mopp WZa
2023-01-12 17:01:06 UTC
MANAGER MIN was very accommodating, friendly, and easy to talk with while she waxed my underarms. I would definitely go back there and look for her to wax my underarms again.
2023-01-12 17:01:26 UTC
I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone, not even people I despise. Although it wasn't my first Brazilian wax, it was unquestionably the worst one I ever had. I regret relying on the reviews found here and should have seen through the fake decor and location. To make matters worse, they didn't even wipe down beforehand; something that is essential for a hygienic waxing experience. All in all, it was truly an awful experience that has left me out of pocket and suffering. It baffles me how this establishment has managed to remain open for so many years.
2023-01-12 17:01:47 UTC
My first experience with Brazilian wax, underarms, and halflegs was excellent at Pink Parlour BC. I was very scared at first. However, Ms.Min and other staff members like Ms.jee.jem.rona made me very satisfied. They were very friendly, entertaining, accommodating, and clean and fresh air. I also wanted to thank Ms.jee and Jem.rona for my gel polish. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ARAT NA? PINK PARLOUR BGC I GIVE 100% EXCELLENT SERVICE

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