5 Best Sales Training Courses in Makati

5 Best Sales Training Providers in Makati, Philippines

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John Robert Powers
Established in: 1923
Cities: Makati
Address: 4/F Casmer Building 195 Salcedo Street, Makati City

John Robert Powers, a pioneer in the field of human potential, has worked tirelessly since 1923 to create a world where everyone can be their best self. Every person was born with a purpose. John Robert Powers is here to help you realize your potential.

Professional Communication Skills Development

Cities: Makati
Education type: Offline
Knowing how to communicate effectively with others is key to professional success. You will learn and improve your communication skills through our programs - Communication as a Process. Effective Management of Verbal, Non-verbal, and Assertiveness. Conflict Management. Negotiation and presentation skills.
Advanced Learning Programs (ALPs)
Cities: Makati
Address: 2nd floor Zeta Building Unit 25D, 191 Salcedo St, Legaspi Village, Makati 1229

We strive to provide the best online and onsite training programs for your company. Our interactive activities and up-to-date case study use a tailor-made learning outcome that will suit your training and development needs.
It is important that people learn from the training they receive.
The sessions combine 20% theory with 80% practical activities. We will ensure that the experience is customized to fit your workplace and employees' roles.
We make sure that the learning is based on their roles and your goals.

Effective Negotiation Skills

Cities: Makati
Duration: 7 hours
Education type: Offline
Every day, you need to be able to communicate effectively within any company or organization. Negotiation is a constant part of your daily life. Effective Negotiation Skills Training helps you become a better negotiator.
Negotiation is a way to settle disputes. Negotiation is a process that allows people to reach a compromise or an agreement without causing conflict.
Individuals will seek to reach the best outcome for themselves and/or their organization in any dispute. To achieve a successful outcome, fairness, mutual benefit and maintaining a good relationship are key principles.
Negotiations often take place between employees and employers, between departments or coworkers. Negotiations can be used by professionals to negotiate terms and compensation. Negotiations are important and familiar. It's useful to be familiar with the types of negotiations that you may encounter and to learn how to improve your negotiation skills.

Talk Shop
Established in: 2000
Cities: Makati
Address: G/F Torre de Salcedo, 184 Salcedo Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City 1229 Philippines

TalkShop is the best English communication school in the Philippines. It is the best-known consultancy and training institution in the Philippines for personal effectiveness, corporate protocol, and management communication.

TalkShop is the pioneer of Communicative Language Teaching in the country (CLT). It is also the founder and pioneer of Integrated Language Teaching. It is also accredited through the International English Education Research Association and Civil Service Commission. It was also awarded ISO certification in 2012.

TalkShop serves a broad range of clients including private companies and individuals seeking personal growth. It was founded by Sheila Viesca in 2000.


Cities: Makati
Duration: 20 hours
Education type: Offline
No matter how comfortable you are when you talk to people about your company's products or services, it is important to improve your sales skills so that you not only charm but also close deals with your clients. The Customer Service and Salesmanship Course will teach you how to make your job a profitable and lucrative one.
The Sales Institute PH
Cities: Makati
Address: Penthouse A Victoria de Makati, Dela Rosa St., Makati City

Our comprehensive training services are available to sales leaders in the Philippines. Our sales trainers have over a decade of sales experience. Our sales coaches have also been involved in hundreds of professional sales coaching. We can help you learn about the art of selling and how to move forward with your sales career.
Our experience spans more than 15 years. We have a wealth of real-life sales and business career experiences that will help you grow your business.
We have helped hundreds of sales executives and leaders to be better than they were when they first met us. 

Professional Sales Training

Cities: Makati
Education type: Offline
Our franchise and coaching certification programs are clear and direct based on , our proprietary sales training framework. We will train you as a sales leader to sell franchised businesses located all over the country.

Guthrie Jensen
Cities: Makati
Address: 4/F Ace Building 101-103 Rada corner Dela Rosa Streets Legaspi Village, Makati City, Philippines

Guthrie-Jensen Consultants was established in 1979 as two training programs. Today, the company offers more than 120 top-rated programs and other human resource solutions to help professionals and organizations realize their full potential.
Guthrie-Jensen remains the most prominent Management Training and Consultancy company in the Philippines and the largest in Southeast Asia.
Guthrie-Jensen is celebrating 40 years of leadership. It is committed to delivering programs that are reliable and responsive as well as results-oriented.

High Impact Selling: Strategies and Skills for Sales Excellence

Cities: Makati
Education type: Offline
GuthrieJensen Consultants invites to join them in a comprehensive approach to equipping sales teams with the best strategies and skills to achieve breakthrough performance. The interactive seminar High Impact selling: Strategies and skills for sales excellence.

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