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OctaFX TZ — Training Courses and Reviews

OctaFX offers a low-cost, basic MetaTrader platform experience via its social copy-trading service. OctaFX isn't a market leader in terms of pricing, but it offers a small selection of instruments that can be traded and educational content. OctaFX also holds a single regulatory license.


Reviews about the company

2022-08-31 16:06:39 UTC
Since two weeks, I haven't been able trade properly. It's not clear what went wrong, but it seems that everything hangs up and they don't allow me to enter the system. When I called them for the 10th consecutive time, they didn't pick up the phone. They claim they have communication issues that they cannot fix for two weeks. I am changing brokers
2022-08-31 16:07:18 UTC
I don't advise anyone about brokers. I believe that everyone should make the right choice for themselves, and then no one can blame me. This is my personal experience with the broker. OctaFX has been fully compliant with the legal documents since the beginning. The company is licensed and willing to work in the legal sector. The company is licensed and ready to work within the legal framework. There have been no problems with terminating contracts. Trading is easy and the terminals are well-known. I had some questions for customer support. Sometimes you have to wait for a response from technical support. It is heavy, and I can't deny that. However, I wish the broker had paid more attention to the problem and rectified it.
2022-08-31 16:07:59 UTC
If your account is blocked like mine, you can rest assured that you will not log in to your personal cabinet ever again. Support may tell you fairy tales or ignore you completely. It was both. Let me be clear: you will be blocked once you begin earning. You will not get anything even if you don't earn it. You are smarter than them.
2022-08-31 16:08:39 UTC
Personally, OctaFX disappointed me. I had hoped for a lot more. The company isn't insolvent with its payments. However, the assets and investment options here are not very extensive. It isn't as extensive as the list of offers and assets. This broker is still my broker. I am not yet looking for the right one, but I trade with them. I am looking for a company that provides the best balance of passive and active earning opportunities.
2022-08-31 16:09:03 UTC
OctaFX is not as diverse in investment options and assets as other brokers, which I know. This platform is my favorite. It is a place where I feel at ease trading. Spreads are good, there is no slippage in opening/closing trades, and you can access social trading. This company is a good choice for both beginners and professionals.

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