4 Best (HR) Human Resources Training Courses in Dar es Salaam

4 Best (HR) Human Resources Training Providers in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Find out where you can learn (HR) Human Resources in the following cities :
Dar es Salaam
Bandari College
Established in: 1980
Cities: Dar es Salaam
Address: Bandari College, Mahunda Street, Tandika

Bandari College was founded in 1980 to meet the needs of Tanzania Seaports. It provides training in the fields of Operator Clerks, Equipment Operators, and Operations Supervisory. Vocational Education in Engineering is also offered.
The College is believed to have trained over 95% of those working in the maritime sub-sector and port workforce.

Human Resource Management Training

Cities: Dar es Salaam
Duration: 3 Weeks
Education type: Offline
The Knowledge Academy TZ
Established in: 2010
Cities: Dar es Salaam
Address: Dar es Salaam Seaport 7th floor, Amani Place Ohio Street, Office Park Dar es Salaam

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HR Training

Cities: Dar es Salaam
Duration: 1 Day
Price: $1095
Education type: Offline
The Introduction to Human Resources training is a 1-day, instructor-led course. It aims to give delegates an overview of Human Resources (HR), and the roles that HR plays within an organization. This course covers the HR responsibilities, Health and Safety at Work regulations, appraisal procedures and recruitment.
As an introductory course, this training falls under the topic HR Training. This topic covers several HR-related training courses, including Category Management Fundamentals and HR Skills For Non-HR Managers. This topic can be considered a "one-stop shop" for HR training. It allows delegates to take on additional training.
The Kampala International University in Tanzania (KIUT)
Established in: 2008
Cities: Dar es Salaam
Address: Gongo la Mboto, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Kampala International University (KIUT) in Tanzania was founded in Tanzania in 2008, as a Dar es Salaam Constituent College affiliated to Kampala International University. The college was then called Dar es Salaam constituent college affiliated to Kampala International University-DCC. The college's main purpose was to offer academic and professional courses through Kampala International University (KIU), using the Open and Distance Learning mode.

Diploma in Human Resources Management

Cities: Dar es Salaam
Duration: 2 years
Price: 1,160,000
Education type: Offline
Holder of certificate of secondary educational examination (CSEE), with four passes in non-religious subject areas AND Holders Basic Technician Certificate (NTA level 4) in either Business Administration or Accountancy, Social Work, Marketing & public relation and Community Development, Record management and secretarial, Local Government Administration, Supplies and Procurement and Certificate in Law or any other relevant business course from a NACTE accredited Institution
Open University of Tanzania (OUT)
Established in: 1993
Cities: Dar es Salaam
Address: The Open university of Tanzania, P.O. Box 23409, Dar es Salaam,Tanzania.

An Act of Parliament Number 17 of 1993 established the Open University of Tanzania (OUT), a fully accredited, autonomous public university. Publication of Government Notice No. 55 in the Official Gazette. In January 1994, the first Chancellor was installed. The first students were admitted in January 1994. The Universities Act No. 7 was enacted in January 2007. 7 of 2005, OUT began using the OUT Charter and Rules (2007) to support its operations.
Open University of Tanzania offers certificate, diploma, degree, and postgraduate programs through an open and distance learning system. This includes many communication methods such as broadcasting, telecasting and correspondence as well as blended modes which combine two or more communication means. The Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) oversees the quality assurance and regulation of the OUT's academic programs.

Bachelor Of Human Resource Management

Cities: Dar es Salaam
Duration: 3 years
Education type: Offline
The Bachelor of Human Resource Management (BHRM), is designed to help you focus your quality economic development efforts on the specific period. It is a three-year course.

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