8 Best Forex Trading Training Courses in Dubai

8 Best Forex Trading Training Providers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Find out where you can learn Forex Trading in the following cities :
Zabeel International Institute of Management and Technology
Established in: 1988
Cities: Dubai
Address: Al Khallafi Building, Suite # M-12 Between RAK Bank and Day to Day Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street Burjuman, Dubai, UAE

One of the oldest training institutions in UAE is Zabeel International Institute of Management and Technology. It was founded in 1988. There are multiple branches spread across UAE. It offers courses in "Finance and Airline, IT, Engineering. Soft Skill, Languages. Logistics. Management."
Zabeel Institute also has a fully functional Corporate Division. It caters to all training needs of organizations upon request from different companies.

Stock Market and Forex Trading Training

Cities: Dubai
Education type: Offline
A stock market, also known as an equity market or share market, is the aggregation and sale of stocks by buyers and sellers. These are ownership claims for businesses.
Stock market training will give you the ability to trade in foreign markets. It is important to identify which market is best suited to your trading style and risk appetite before you begin trading. Take a look at the comparison to see all the differences.
The biggest difference between forex and the securities market is obviously what you trade. Forex, also known as foreign exchange, is an industry that deals in the buying and selling money. The securities market handles shares, which are the ownership systems within a company.
Stock market training will cover the following information: Stock Markets (Equity and Futures, Options), Commodity, Futures, Options), Commodity, Forex (Foreign Exchange), Currency Pairing
Lynchpin Training
Established in: 2016
Cities: Dubai
Address: 26-52, Shaikh Rashid Tower Dubai World Trade Centre Dubai – UAE

Our mission is to make education more accessible and affordable by providing world-class higher education options that are flexible, accessible, and economically feasible. Anyone can access the internet and have the ability to learn a variety of skills that will help them get a job.

Finance for Non-Finance Managers Training Program

Cities: Dubai
Education type: Offline
The Finance for Non-Finance Management Training in Dubai is the most sought-after program for professionals who wish to gain hands-on experience in key areas of finance. Dubai is the location for the interactive 1-day finance course for non-finance manager training. A course guide-book, interactive learning experience, many worked examples, and a certificate of completion will be provided.
Elegant Training Center
Cities: Dubai
Address: Office Number 620, AB Center, Beside Ibis Hotel, Al Barsha 1 Near Mashreq Metro Station, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

Elegant Professional and Management Development is a top-rated training center in Dubai, U.A.E. We offer affordable, effective and flexible face-to-face training.
We create and tailor courses and programs for individuals of all walks and professions, including those who are looking to enter the workforce or to improve their professional skills and qualifications.
Our training is flexible, motivating, and customized to each learner. We offer training courses to all types of organizations. All our courses can be customized to meet the needs of your team and delivered at your location.
Our training centre also offers a variety of courses that allow individuals to practice their skills in a safe environment.

CISI-UAE Financial Rules & Regulations

Cities: Dubai
Duration: 30 Hrs
Price: AED 3000
Education type: Offline
This course teaches you about the regulations and rules that apply to the UAE's banking and financial services sector. This course is for those who want to gain a better understanding of UAE regulations and work in banking and financial services.
Advanced Systems
Established in: 2006
Cities: Dubai
Address: Level 2, Suite S14, S15, P.O. Box 502432, Knowledge Village, Dubai

Advanced Systems offers a platform, guidance and growth resources that will help you become an intelligent investor.
Advanced Systems has the resources to foster learning and condenses the experience of specialists into an integrated experience that is tailored around you.

ETTFOS (Expert Trading Techniques: Crypto, Commodities, Forex, Stocks)

Cities: Dubai
Duration: 4 Days
Education type: Offline
How NOT to lose money trading This course will teach you how to trade safely and effectively using battle-tested strategies.
The ETTFOS Turn Key Masterclass is a practical 4-day workshop that is suitable for both novice and experienced traders. It starts from scratch.
This book will teach you how to read market dynamics and use 'Perfect Timing to trade successfully. You will learn how to get better results and trade more confidently than 95% of other traders.
Strategic Axis
Established in: 2015
Cities: Dubai
Address: Dubai Knowledge Village, Block 13, Office G25

Strategic Axis was founded with the vision of revolutionizing the consulting and training industry with the specific solution to a stable career path.
Our corporate clients who wish to improve their staff productivity and quality of work can take advantage of our professional training and certified certification. We also provide in-person training and consulting services to corporate clients for their career advancement and growth.
Our Workforce Optimization Solutions will open new doors to success and growth. Our Workforce Optimization Solutions help you to achieve career advancement and growth by implementing innovative strategies, improving the adoption of relevant skills, as well as implementing effective business practices and technology. We have more than 10 years of experience and can help you identify your weaknesses and create targeted strategies to get you on your way to success.
Strategic Axis's goal is to foster a learning-centered and competitive environment through innovation, effective strategies and solution-driven methods. By empowering our workforce, we aim to make a positive contribution to the Middle East's corporate community. We believe that a well-trained workforce is key to success. Workshops address current workplace issues for professionals and industries. Our training is tailored to meet changing market demands and expectations. With our effective and fruitful courses, you will be on your way to success.


Cities: Dubai
Duration: 3 days
Education type: Offline
The Advanced Asset Management program focuses on improving service delivery by implementing Asset Management (AM), techniques and methods. The Advanced Asset Management program was created for asset managers working in long-only institutions or market-neutral organisations. It is intended to give a'refresh' and provide state-of the-art services.
Participants will be able to provide greater performance for clients through an in-depth understanding and appreciation of current trends and issues in asset administration.
Participants will be encouraged not only to expand their thinking but also to learn more about the latest trends and issues in finance.
They will discuss modern ideas as well as portfolio management and portfolio selection strategies.
The programme covers strategic asset management, stock selection techniques, arbitrage investing, and more through a combination of lectures and case discussions.
It will also include information about alternative investment vehicles and strategies, as well as their potential return and risk.
Participants will be able to gain an overview of industry trends and have access to new ideas that can help them develop asset allocation strategies.
Edvicons Middle East
Established in: 2018
Cities: Dubai
Address: 941, Level 9, Burjuman Business Tower, Burjuman, United Arab Emirates

We believe in the power and importance of Learning and Development and in the power and benefits of sharing. We offer learning and development (L&D) resources. Professionals can use our Top 20 Companies Lists and get free referrals to help them choose the right training vendor. Edvicons is the best source of information about the business of learning. We are the best resource for corporate learning and developmental professionals looking for information on innovative approaches and best practices for training products and services to support organizational growth.

Crypto Trading

Cities: Dubai
Duration: 4 Days
Education type: Offline
You will learn everything you need about crypto and blockchain including mining, investing, and more! Yes, Edvicons can provide hands-on training for crypto trading with the most qualified crypto traders!
Spoton Training Institute
Cities: Dubai
Call: 04 2506344
Address: Office : 104, Al safa-C Building, Next to Max, Burjuman Metro Station Exit1, Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road, Bur Dubai-UAE.

The certified personnel who teach our certification courses are highly qualified. Within a short time, we have been recognized. We now want to be recognized by the top IT recruiters in the country and continue moving forward with great values. Our ability to master many courses has been proven and our trainers possess an in-depth knowledge that will allow you to realize your goals. Our courses are highly skilled and in demand in the corporate world. Our goal is to help people get promoted at top companies in all areas by enhancing their knowledge and improving their professional and personal lives.

Cryptocurrency Course

Cities: Dubai
Duration: 24 Hrs
Price: AED 1550
Education type: Offline
Cryptocurrency can be described as a digital version of traditional money and financial assets. Cryptocurrency, also known as virtual currency or digital money, is a decentralized money system that allows you to store your monetary assets. There are more than 5,000 cryptocurrency currently in circulation, based on block chain technology.
Individual coin ownership records can be used as a means of exchanging money for transactions. A database that acts as a computerized ledger stores them. Strong cryptography makes it possible to make purchases, create additional coins, and verify that the coin owner has been transferred.
To purchase goods or services, you can use cryptocurrency. Many people also use cryptocurrency to purchase goods and services. The exciting potential of cryptocurrency is still very new.
There are many cryptocurrencies today. While some are specifically designed to add a new function or feature to a particular block chain platform, others are based on the same principles that created Bitcoin. Crypto is protected by a peer to peer network. Users can trade and transfer value globally, almost instantly, without the need for a middleman such as a bank or payment processor.
Learners Point Academy
Established in: 2001
Cities: Dubai
Address: Suite 610 - The Business Center, Opp to Burjuman Centre, Adjacent to Burjuman Metro Station Exit 4, Khalid Bin Walid Street. P.O.Box: 94743 Dubai, UAE.

LearnersPoint is centrally located in Dubai. It was established in 2001. It is an ISO 9001-2015 Certified Organization that offers a variety of courses in the areas of finance, marketing, management, ERP, leadership, logistics, and marketing. Over 110,000 people have been helped by us, including top-of the-line corporations in GCC.

We believe in harnessing tomorrow's amazing growth opportunities. We offer courses that are designed by industry professionals to assist individuals and businesses in gaining benchmark knowledge and experience in the creation of reliable and secure products. Individuals can easily choose from our cost-effective, customizable courses.

We have developed a vast pool of experience and talent over the years to meet the changing needs of our clients. We have learned from our many successes and focused efforts that we can continue to move in this direction. We are determined to provide tremendous value for ever-growing corporate needs. We have helped to keep up with the technological revolution of the past decade. We aim to provide a complete understanding of current technologies for our learners and also fill in the gaps between the technological capabilities.

Cryptocurrency Trading Mastery Course

Cities: Dubai
Duration: 5 Weeks
Price: AED 6000
Education type: Offline
This advanced cryptocurrency trading course provides deep insight into trading bitcoin and can help professionals become successful crypto trading specialists. This advanced cryptocurrency trading course that includes strategies will help you make a career out of blockchain. Bitcoin is a new cryptocurrency and a great investment opportunity. The Dubai Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading program helps professionals build a profitable portfolio. For cryptocurrency enthusiasts looking to learn more about cryptocurrency and how to trade them, this training course is ideal.

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