2 Best Administrative Officer Training Courses in Midrand

2 Best Administrative Officer Training Providers in Midrand, South Africa

Find out where you can learn Administrative Officer in the following cities :
Cape Town Midrand Bellville Stellenbosch
Academic Institute of Excellence
Established in: 2010
Cities: Midrand
Address: Oracle Close, Halfway Gardens, Midrand, 1686

The Academic Institute of Excellence believes in a future of abundance and possibilities. The new generation of leaders and visionaries will make it possible to create a future full of excellence. Excellence is in our names! Excellence is in our programs as well as in our people. Excellence is reflected on our students, both on campus and online.
Our innovative programmes prepared our students for the future of industrial disruption. This future requires a strong focus technology and innovation. We have built the foundation for excellence. Future generations will be able to solve problems, think critically and innovate to empower them.
Mentor excellence through designing learning pathways that analyze global skills needs and provide relevant programmes to address these demands.
We increase excellence by delivering programmes in an intelligent, more efficient, and cost-effective manner. By embracing technology and innovation, we extend the reach of our learning interventions.
Excellence is a way of life. We strive for continuous improvement and are committed to providing quality education.
A good education is not enough. Excellence is what will change the world. AIE for Excellence is your opportunity to excel in your studies as well as in your personal life.

Professional Executive and Personal Assistant Certification

Cities: Midrand
Duration: 10 Months
Price: R43,070.00
Education type: Offline
This unique program will give you the knowledge and skills to support managers, leaders and organizations from an practical, hands-on perspective. Evidence is strong that an executive personal assistant can often be a stepping stone to other roles in an organization.
The program is divided into three parts: Business and Administration Certificate; Executive Essentials Certificate; and Digital Marketing and Computer Essentials Certificate. This course has most relevant skills and is highly useful in the workplace. You will be able immediately to add value to any organization once you have completed the course.
Learnfast Training Centre
Established in: 2010
Cities: Midrand
Address: Oracle Close Halfway House Midrand, 1686

 One of the most renowned providers of short courses throughout South Africa. Our instructors are experts in their respective fields. You can choose to take courses at Midrand Campus, Cape Town Campus, or both. Create your own mobile apps for iOS and Android. Learn the basics of MTA Software Development. 

The Professional Receptionist

Cities: Midrand
Duration: 2 Days
Price: R3500
Education type: Offline
This programme will help you gain a better understanding of all aspects of being a professional receptionist.
This course will enable you to monitor the reception area, and to comply with safety protocols as well as standard company emergency procedures. This course will teach you telephone manners and how to use a switchboard.

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