3 Best Conflict Resolution Training Courses in Cape Town

3 Best Conflict Resolution Training Providers in Cape Town, South Africa

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1 Imsimbi
Established in: 1999
Cities: Cape Town
Reviews: 9
Reviews: 9 Read More


Cities: Cape Town
Duration: 3 Days
Education type: Offline
Welcome to the exciting world that is conflict management. Conflict is part of the current world. Both the private and public sectors need to be better equipped to handle different types of conflicts. There are many reasons to have more effective tools for solving problems. These include personal conflicts, interpersonal conflicts, and structural conflicts. Managers need to have the ability to manage conflict and negotiate effectively in order to be successful at work.
Workplace conflict is a common occurrence. Managers should be familiar with the processes and techniques involved in conflict management and negotiation.
2 Staff Training
Staff Training
Established in: 2000
Cities: Cape Town
Reviews: 6
Reviews: 6 Read More

Conflict Prevention and Resolution

Cities: Cape Town
Price: R4750.00
Education type: Offline
The goal is to equip learners with the knowledge, tools, and confidence necessary to recognize potential conflict situations. To address the situation in positive ways, as well as mediation where needed. Our main goal should be to solve conflict, whether it is internal or external. We must do this in the most cost-effective and timely manner so that there is minimal impact on individuals and organizations. This requires skill. These skills are possible to learn.
3 NobleProg
Established in: 2005
Cities: Cape Town
Reviews: 7
Reviews: 7 Read More

Conflict Management

Cities: Cape Town
Duration: 2 days
Price: 32369 PHP
Education type: Offline
All of us strive to efficiently and effectively deal with conflict situations. People who wish to improve their conflict management skills. Effective conflict management techniques, communication skills in conflict situations, preparation of conflict analysis and problem formulation, stress management skills, and emotional and assertive methods in solving such conflicts.

Conflict Resolution in the city Cape Town with Photos and Prices

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