Best Cosmetology Training Courses in South Africa (Found 7 training providers)

Find out where you can learn Cosmetology in the following cities :
Cape Town Edenvale
Bellissima Beauty Academy
Established in: 1995
Cities: Cape Town
Address: Unit K8, Centurion Business Park, Bosmansdam Road, Milnerton, Cape Town

Bellissima Beauty Academy offers Vocational Training Academy unlike any other.
While most education institutions allow students to pass exams and get certification, there is no guarantee that they will be employed. Bellissima Beauty Academy emphasizes career paths and qualifications in highly-demanded fields. Bellissima Beauty Academy offers many modules in all areas of beauty. Students who graduate with a high-quality diploma can work worldwide as a Beauty Therapist or Nail Technician.
Bellissima Beauty Academy is closely associated with MF Spa & Beauty Placements. This well-respected recruitment agency specializes in placing therapists into Spas and salons across Africa.
Principals of Bellissima Beauty Academy, Gloria Ruffini and Mandy Sheinbar, are highly focused on students and have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. They are able to motivate students to achieve their full potential. Bellissima Beauty Academy helps learners reach their full potential by providing quality education, training, recognition, and support for prior learning.

Level 2 Diploma for Beauty Specialist

Cities: Cape Town
Education type: Offline
The Level 2 Diploma in Beauty Specialists aims to give beauty specialists the skills they need to work in the industry. This qualification is for those aged 16 or over.
This qualification is composed of five mandatory units and 300 hours of guided learning. Additionally, the learner will acquire knowledge regarding client care, safety, and health. This is vital for success in the beauty industry.
Cape Nail & Beauty Academy
Established in: 2008
Cities: Cape Town
Address: 4th Floor, Excelsior House, 80 Harrington St, Zonnebloem, Cape Town

Our exclusive training facility offers the ITEC International Diploma in Beauty Therapy as well as short courses. Each student receives individual attention and develops the skills necessary to become internationally qualified. Many of our students have worked in salons, spas and on cruise ships. The students receive extensive product training, including Sorbet and Environ Skincare brands, within a year. This ensures that they are ready to work in a salon by the time they are qualified.
Lara Kawalsky, the principal and owner of the Academy, founded it in 2008. Lara Kawalsky has over 20 years of experience as a lecturer on Health & Skincare. She specializes in Nail Technology and Anatomy & Physiology. Business studies are also her specialty. Lara's extensive knowledge and education have inspired her to create an Academy for the specialized training of students. This academy will lead to an internationally recognized diploma and great career opportunities. The Academy is located in central Cape Town, close to the train and bus stations.


Cities: Cape Town
Duration: 1 Year
Education type: Offline
The ITEC International Beauty Specialist Diploma will be awarded to the student upon completion. The international qualification allows the student to work aboard luxury cruise lines. Interviews are held at the academy.
College of Cape Town
Established in: 1992
Cities: Cape Town
Address: 334 Albert Road, Salt River, Cape Town South Africa

The oldest Technical and Vocational Education and Training College in Cape Town, the College of Cape Town, is a leader in innovation and partnerships to promote economic growth. The College has a proud record of offering quality, accredited, affordable, and relevant vocational education and Training. It is a preferred partner for all businesses, regardless of size, and across all industries.

Beauty Therapy ITEC Diploma LEVEL 4 & 5

Cities: Cape Town
Duration: 2 years
Education type: Offline
Beauty Therapy ITEC qualifications begin at Level 4. This qualification is only available to students who have completed Grade 12. The two-year qualification gives the student the opportunity to gain practical, theoretical and integrated work experience in college and industry. This will ensure that they are ready for employment. This qualification includes a structured work placement component. Each level will allow students to acquire new skills and competencies while also enhancing their existing knowledge and experience.
Helderberg School of Beauty
Established in: 1999
Cities: Cape Town
Address: Unit 8, Lifestyle Square, 3 Dynagel Road, The Interchange, Somerset West, Cape Town

Helderberg School of Beauty aims to encourage the growth of its students throughout their education. Our faculty is composed of creative and talented professionals who are passionate about building the best Beauty School in Cape Town. Helderberg School of Beauty provides the support and tools necessary to help our students reach their full potential.


Cities: Cape Town
Duration: 1 Year
Education type: Offline
This is the entry-level qualification for the health and beauty certification.
It covers all aspects of aesthetic beauty. The two-year intensive program of theory and practical training is called the Beauty Specialist Course.
Only the second year is sufficient to earn a diploma.
The student will gain a deep understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects involved in skin and beauty treatments during the first year.
The School offers both theoretical and practical sessions. Students are also required to do case studies, a project, and a business plan.
Capri Academy
Established in: 2007
Cities: Cape Town
Address: 6 Eben Olivier St, Springbokpark, Cape Town,

Capri Clinic is a permanent clinic for cosmetic procedures. Our staff is well-trained to perform procedures such as tattoo removal, scar revision, permanent cosmetics and laser hair removal. Each member of the team has a particular treatment they love and are experts in.
Capri Academy has been in existence for many years. We have refined our training programs so that our students receive the best training possible on products and techniques within the most convenient time frame. We believe leaders make more leaders than followers. Our students are many and varied and successful. Regular workshops help ensure that all students who have previously been qualified can keep up with international trends. Our educators are qualified moderators and assessors.

Full Nail Technology

Cities: Cape Town
Education type: Offline
We strive to make you successful and achieve your success.
Erika Breytenbach, who has more than 20 years of experience in education and nail technology, presents our Nail Technology Training. Her certification rate for students who have been trained previously is 98%. She has also judged national nail competitions abroad.
The Hydro International College
Established in: 1995
Cities: Edenvale
Address: 71 12th Avenue (Corner Hendrik Potgieter) Edenvale

Globally, the cosmetology market has experienced significant growth. The demand for qualified therapists is growing as beauty consciousness grows, regardless of where you live. Hydro International College is ideally located at the center of this industry. We are committed to providing the best education and facilitation for learners. We aim to keep up to date with industry needs while allowing learners to choose programmes that suit their abilities and aptitudes. To ensure that learners are ready for a rewarding career in the thriving beauty industry, we provide extensive training.

Full-Time Cosmetology

Cities: Edenvale
Duration: 2 Years
Price: R85 000
Education type: Offline
The Cosmetology program offers a comprehensive training in hair, skin and nail technology. This course is perfect for budding entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business in this lucrative field.
International Academy
Established in: 1990
Cities: Cape Town
Address: 4th Floor, 80 Strand Street, Cape Town

International Academy has 30 years of combined experience. It is the premier training institution in the Health & Skin Care, Hairdressing, and Fitness Industry.
The International Academy was established in Cape Town in 90 and has grown steadily to be one of the most important providers of Health and Skin Care education in South Africa. It serves not only local students but also international students.
Internationally certified Health and Skincare therapists, Beauty Technologists, Hairdressers, and Fitness Professionals open doors to many career options. These include owning your own business or working in top spas, clinics, and Fitness Facilities. You can also work on luxury cruise ships.


Cities: Cape Town
Duration: 2 Years
Education type: Offline
The qualification will allow the student to work as part of a multidisciplinary team as a Multi-Skilled Health and Skincare Practitioner.
The student must be able to use visual, tactile, verbal, and assessment skills to assess the client's body, and to formulate a treatment plan.
Our main goal is to promote and provide effective body and skin care treatments.

Cosmetology Training Courses with Reviews

There are many reasons to take beauty courses. Maybe you're looking to start a new career in the beauty industry, or you're looking to improve your skills so you can do your own makeup for weddings and special occasions. Whatever your reason, there are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing beauty courses.First, think about what kind of skills you want to learn. There are many different types of beauty courses, from makeup artistry to cosmetology. Do some research and figure out which area interests you the most. Once you know what kind of skills you want to learn, narrow down your search to a few specific courses that will teach those skills.Next, consider the cost of the course and whether it is worth the price. There are many affordable online courses that can teach you the basics of makeup application or hair styling. However, if you want to learn more advanced techniques, you may need to invest in a pricier course. Consider your budget and make sure the course is worth the investment before enrolling.Finally, read reviews of the course and instructor before enrolling. Look for reviews from past students to get an idea of what the course is like and whether it is right for you. Make sure the instructor has experience teaching and is able to provide helpful feedback and guidance throughout the course. With these factors in mind, you should be able to find beauty courses that meet your needs and help you reach your goals.

Latest Reviews

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