8 Best Front-End Development Training Courses in Cape Town

8 Best Front-End Development Training Providers in Cape Town, South Africa

Find out where you can learn Front-End Development in the following cities :
Cape Town Midrand Johannesburg Durban
1 CodeSpace Academy
CodeSpace Academy
Established in: 2002
Cities: Cape Town
6 Beach Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, 8000

Frontend Development

Cities: Cape Town
Duration: 6 months
Price: R2990 per month
Education type: Offline
This course is for anyone who wants to specialize in frontend technologies and go beyond web development basics. This course focuses on JavaScript. You will also learn how to use Bootstrap and Vue frameworks to create interactive user experiences faster. You will learn responsive design techniques that make web pages beautiful on any device. Also, you'll be able to use APIs to create real-time applications. This course is an excellent combination for anyone who wants to combine technical and aesthetic design.
2 HyperionDev
Established in: 2012
Cities: Cape Town
1st Floor Mandela Rhodes Building Corner Wale street and, Burg St, Cape Town, 8000

Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp

Cities: Cape Town
Duration: 6 Months
Price: $ 7,500
Education type: Offline
In partnership with The University of Edinburgh this comprehensive web development course teaches you how to create dynamic web applications. In just three to six months, you can learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You can also start your career as a web designer. Due to the unprecedented demand for skilled web developers in the tech industry, one million American computer programming jobs will be vacant by 2021.

3 MastergradeIT
Established in: 2007
Cities: Cape Town
2nd Floor, 18 Lower-Burg Street, Cape Town, 8001

Programming in HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3

Cities: Cape Town
Duration: 4 Days
Education type: Offline
The course focuses on using HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript to implement programming logic, define and use variables, perform looping and branching, develop user interfaces, capture and validate user input, store data, and create well structured application.
4 School of IT
School of IT
Established in: 2015
Cities: Cape Town
2 Fir Street, Observatory (Black River Park), Cape Town, 7925

HTML & CSS Course

Cities: Cape Town
Price: R10 900
Education type: Offline
Students will be able to use the following knowledge by the end of the Web Design Course:
Understanding wireframes, including mockups, and user requirements is key.
You should also be able to comprehend the design aspects involved in web development.
Learn HTML5, the content formatting for a web page, and the history of HTML.
Understanding responsive web design and device-agnostic design is essential.
CSS3 Styling is not to be missed. There are also 3 types of CSS files: internal, external and inline.
This allows you to use advanced CSS techniques such as transitions and animations.
You will be able to create a responsive HTML/CSS web page.
A basic understanding of scripting is also required.
You should also be able to understand web page frameworks like Bootstrap.
Additionally, you should be familiar with hosting (FTP), and how to maintain a website.
Learn the basics of SEO. Adwords, coupled with Google Analytics.
5 Peruzal
Established in: 2010
Cities: Cape Town
8 Hillside Road, Metropolitan Park, Parktown, Johannesburg, South Africa

React Modern Front End Web App Development

Cities: Cape Town
Duration: 5 days
Price: R13860
Education type: Offline
React is the V of the MVVM (Model View ViewModel). frameworks. Because it uses a simple API, React is very easy to learn. This course will teach you the basics of React web apps and help you develop web apps using React.
6 The Knowledge Academy SA
The Knowledge Academy SA
Established in: 2010
Cities: Cape Town
Century Pl Blvd & Century Way Century City Cape Town 7441 South Africa

Website Design Course

Cities: Cape Town
Duration: 2 Days
Price: R40195
Education type: Offline
This course will show you how to create web pages starting from scratch using different techniques like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Dreamweaver. You will be able create HTML websites after completing our web design courses. The entire course is practical. The course ends with a practical web design project. This will allow you to go through the entire website creation process: planning, designing structure, coding, purchasing a domain name, hosting, and uploading your website to a live web server.
7 Friends of Design Academy of Digital Arts
Friends of Design Academy of Digital Arts
Established in: 2006
Cities: Cape Town
2nd Floor, HAK House 186A Bree Street Cape Town South Africa

Front-end Evening Short Course

Cities: Cape Town
Duration: 18 Weeks
Price: R25 800
Education type: Offline
From visual concept to back-end programming, you can create stunning and functional websites.
Our evening Front End Web Design course covers 4 months and provides practical, comprehensive lessons that will help you create a functional website. You will learn how to design and code web interfaces for multiple devices.
8 NobleProg
Established in: 2005
Cities: Cape Town
City Lodge Hotel Victoria and Alfred Waterfront Corner Dock Road and Alfred Street Cape Town, WC 8001 South Africa

Front End Developer Training Course

Cities: Cape Town
Duration: 5 Days
Price: 60,125 ZAR
Education type: Offline
This course is not only intended to introduce HTML and CSS but also to present best practices and provide solid foundations for JavaScript, Bootstrap, JavaScript and JavaScript. Through labs and hands-on exercises, fundamental concepts are presented. HTML is covered along with other topics (CSS and JavaScript) to provide a comprehensive coverage.
The course is almost entirely hands-on. The majority of concepts can be discovered by code reading/execution and coding.

HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 Training Course

Cities: Cape Town
Duration: 35 hours
Price: 285640 PHP
Education type: Offline
This course introduces HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript. Participants will learn programming skills through exercises and the creation of a web app. For beginners, this instructor-led online training is available.

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