Best (HR) Human Resources Training Courses in South Africa (Found 8 training providers)

Find out where you can learn (HR) Human Resources in the following cities :
Cape Town Johannesburg Sandton Durban Bellville Pretoria East London
Leading Training
Established in: 2018
Cities: Sandton
Address: Western Woods Office Park Ground Floor, Maple Place North 145 Western Service Road Woodmead Sandton 2196

Leading Training will soon focus on virtual training. We will not accept in-person or classroom training if there are less than four participants. Training will be focused, efficient, fast, and well-structured. Services SETA approved the Leading Training Program for the following learning programs.


Cities: Sandton
Duration: 3 Days
Price: R 6,897.00
Education type: Offline
The three-day Human Resources Training for Non-HR Manager course provides a comprehensive overview of the human resources issues facing managers and business owners today. While you may not have the experience to handle all the employee relations issues that you face, you will still be expected to make legal and effective decisions. This workshop will guide you through the entire hiring process from conducting a skills inventory to interviewing; it will also discuss orientation and address some of the issues that may arise after the process.
This workshop is three days long and will teach you how to: Identify current problems in the human resources field and the changing roles of supervisors, managers and HR function leaders. Create job descriptions and identify core competencies. Use behavioral description interviewing techniques to find, select, and keep the best employees. Start new employees on the right foot. Learn about benefits and compensation. Keep good working relationships with your employees. Performance appraisals should be a collaborative process.
The Knowledge Academy SA
Established in: 2010
Cities: Cape Town
Address: Century Pl Blvd & Century Way Century City Cape Town 7441 South Africa

We are the largest and most trusted provider of training courses around the globe. Our extensive experience in providing high-quality learning solutions has enabled us to offer over 30,000 courses in more than 1000 locations across 190 countries. As market leaders, we have successfully trained over 1 million delegates - demonstrating our internationally-renowned trust and unrivalled premium quality, to all of our aspiring learners.We offer prestigious delegates such as Microsoft, BCS and The Open Group. They will gain valuable knowledge that will help them succeed in their chosen career.

HR Training

Cities: Cape Town
Duration: 1 Day
Price: $1095
Education type: Offline
The Introduction to Human Resources training is a 1-day, instructor-led course. It aims to give delegates an overview of Human Resources (HR), and the roles that HR plays within an organization. This course covers the HR responsibilities, Health and Safety at Work regulations, appraisal procedures and recruitment.
As an introductory course, this training falls under the topic HR Training. This topic covers several HR-related training courses, including Category Management Fundamentals and HR Skills For Non-HR Managers. This topic can be considered a "one-stop shop" for HR training. It allows delegates to take on additional training.
Skills Academy
Established in: 2004
Cities: Pretoria
Address: 440 Hilda Street Standard Plaza, 5th Floor Hatfield Pretoria

Skills Academy believes that every person should have the opportunity to continue their education, regardless of their educational background. There has never been one solution to all problems in school. Many South Africans are unable to access tertiary education because of this. We are determined to make that a reality and provide the education everyone deserves.

N4 Human Resource Management Course

Cities: Pretoria
Duration: 24 Months
Education type: Offline
This course will cover all aspects of Human Resources. This course will teach you many skills, including management communication and entrepreneurship.
College of Cape Town
Established in: 1992
Cities: Cape Town
Address: 334 Albert Road, Salt River, Cape Town South Africa

The oldest Technical and Vocational Education and Training College in Cape Town, the College of Cape Town, is a leader in innovation and partnerships to promote economic growth. The College has a proud record of offering quality, accredited, affordable, and relevant vocational education and Training. It is a preferred partner for all businesses, regardless of size, and across all industries.

National Certificates N4-N6: Human Resource Management

Cities: Cape Town
Duration: 18 Months
Education type: Offline
The policies and procedures that govern the selection and recruitment of employees are managed by the Human Resource Officer. HR officers are responsible for the development and training of employees and are accountable for improving productivity and performance. The HR officer is responsible for building good relationships between employees and managers.
The course includes an N4 Certificate (N5 Certificate), and N6 Certificate. To be eligible for the National N-Diploma from the Department of Higher Education and Training, students must submit proof of 18-months experience in industry/practical after completing the N6 Certificate.
Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Established in: 2005
Cities: Bellville
Address: Symphony Way (off Robert Sobukwe Road) Bellville

The Cape Peninsula University of Technology (Cape Peninsula University of Technology) is at the forefront of Africa's technology education and innovation. It is an internationally recognized institution and the only university of technology in Western Cape. The university has more than 30 000 students. Six faculties offer accredited undergraduate and graduate courses in Applied Sciences and Business, Education and Social Sciences as well as Engineering, Informatics and Design.

Human Resource Management

Cities: Bellville
Price: R5 500.00
Education type: Offline
This course is intended to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic field human resource management.
The South African College of Applied Psychology
Established in: 1997
Cities: Durban
Address: 5th Floor 199-203 Peter Mokaba Road Morningside Durban

SACAP was established in 1997. It is a major independent provider of Applied Psychology. They offer a variety of accredited and registered courses, from higher certificates, a diploma, undergraduate degrees, to postgraduate qualifications, and specialized programmes. Applied Psychology is the foundation of all courses. Topic areas include Psychology and Communication as well as Business Management and Social Work. The South African-based private tertiary education institution boasts a student population of 3000-plus and has its own campus in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria. SACAP offers online training and short micro-credentials through SACAP Global.

Recruiting & Retaining Top Talent

Cities: Durban
Duration: 7 Weeks
Price: R2 100,00
Education type: Offline
This course will help you understand the fundamental elements of talent management.
In this 7-week micro-credential, you will learn about human resource planning, the principles and practices of employee recruitment and selection, and the role of performance-management in organisations. Learn how to motivate top talent using rewards and compensation.
This course covers both the importance and consequences of employee relations management as well as how managers can handle employee conflict and grievances.
Established in: 2002
Cities: Johannesburg
Address: 1 Cedar Avenue (corner of Empire and Cedar Road), Auckland Park, Johannesburg, 2092, South Africa

MANCOSA is proud of the high quality of its programmes and has high expectations for its participants. Over the next few years, you will have a unique experience with distance-learning support.
The use of case studies is one of the most important features of MANCOSA’s curriculum. Students will learn how to analyze, assess, and manage complex business situations. Based on real-life experience, the business case method develops leadership potential. These skills will enable you to be a leader within your community or organisation.

Higher Certificate in Human Resource Management

Cities: Johannesburg
Duration: 1 year
Education type: Offline
One-year programme, the Higher Certificate in Human Resource Management, prepares students to work in human resource positions. A top-quality course in human resource management is essential for long-term sustainability of South African business, industry and other organisations. Economic success and failure are largely determined by the people working in industry and business. Therefore, it is crucial that administrative staff and supervisors have the ability to adapt to the changing needs of the industry and workplace.
School leavers can use the Higher Certificate in Human Resource Management program to acquire basic knowledge, skills, and competencies in human resource management. This programme is practical and relevant to the real world and can be applied immediately in the workplace. This site provides current information about international and domestic human resources practices.
iQ Academy
Established in: 2014
Cities: East London
Address: 14 Fitzpatrick Road, Quigney, East London, 5201

Our reputation is strong in the area commerce studies. Our eLearning solutions are cutting-edge and connect students to a world of learning.
Originally, iQ Academy started as a Centurion Academy Department in 2006. Its mission is to increase student employability through short business courses. Because of the success of our students, we were able offer a wider variety of programmes. We merged Fernwood Business College Ltd. in 2012 to close Centurion Academy. "iQ Academy (Pty) Ltd" is the new private tertiary school.

Human Resource Administration

Cities: East London
Duration: 12 months
Price: R7,632
Education type: Offline
This course explains the many facets of being a HR administrator. This comprehensive course covers topics such as labour relations and the role of HR within modern businesses, social media's impact on HR, and many more. To accelerate your career as a HR professional, you will have industry-relevant skills and knowledge.

(HR) Human Resources Training Courses with Reviews

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2022-08-31 16:32:02 UTC
HotForex is like other European brokerage companies. It has very little leverage. I typically trade with either 1 to 100 or 1 200 leverage. Leverage is limited to 1-30 here. It isn't much, unfortunately. However, regulation and reliability are much more important that small leverage.

HotForex ZA

2022-08-31 16:32:25 UTC
HotForex was a company that I didn't trust at first. HotForex started as a binary option provider, which I knew was a bad idea. It's been over a year since my first trade here, and my view has changed. HotForex isn't a superbroker. However, it's something I am comfortable with. I can withdraw money to Webmoney very quickly.

IC Markets ZA

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This is the ever-present dilemma: What deposit should you use to start trading? In this instance, it's not worth complaining about the sinking. A deposit of 5000$ would be the best for normal work. It is important that you trust your broker. I have an $8000 deposit with ICMarkets right now. I am not worried. I withdrew money more times than once. Everything is fine.

IC Markets ZA

2022-08-31 16:33:19 UTC
IC Markets, a genuine Australian broker. Because it is regulated and supervised by the state, you can feel confident about the safety of funds. The trader can take care of the rest. I opened an account with IC Markets in 2013 I increased my capital 2.5 times, and withdrew 6 percent of my profit during that time. I have no doubts that the broker is trustworthy.

IC Markets ZA

2022-08-31 16:33:37 UTC
My opinion is that ICMarkets is a serious broker. I didn't like ICMarkets at first because of the aggressive advertising they used. Then I learned that an acquaintance opened an account there and received a variety of bonuses. I followed his example and was right. You can trust my feedback about ICMarkets – I recommend you to cooperate!

IC Markets ZA

2022-08-31 16:34:00 UTC
They are the worst broker I have ever dealt. They refuse to accept bank statements as proof that I reside in the same place as everyone else. They insist that you go to the municipality during the pandemic to receive a letter saying that you live where you live. They aren't paying attention to the current situation. Assembled another broker.

IC Markets ZA

2022-08-31 16:34:16 UTC
I have made deposits of over $50,000 to them. I will tell you this: Their support is very poor. They won't even respond to your problem within 5-10 business days. If your balance has gone negative, your withdrawals are not working properly, or your order is still uncollected, Your hard-earned cash was deposited, but they don’t care.

IC Markets ZA

2022-08-31 16:34:37 UTC
This broker is the most trustworthy and professional I've ever dealt with. They have a highly efficient team of professionals that are quick to respond even to the most basic needs. I have been working with this broker for 5+ years. Amazing service, low spreads. Quick execution. Also, withdrawals and deposits are quick. This company is highly recommended.


2022-08-31 16:35:06 UTC
For the past two weeks I have not been allowed to trade properly. I'm not sure what happened, but they often hang up on me and won't let us into the system. They didn't even hear me when I called the 10th time. They said they are having communication problems which they couldn't fix for the past 2 weeks. I'm switching brokers


2022-08-31 16:35:21 UTC
I am not one to advise people about brokers. Let me just share my experiences with this broker. I checked all legal documents and OctaFX was fully compliant. The company is fully regulated and eager to work in legal fields. The company is well-regulated and will work within the legal framework. I haven't had any issues with the termination of contracts. Trading is very easy, terminals are familiar. I have some questions to the customer service, and sometimes it takes a while to get a reply from technical support. Although I can't deny it being a heavy load I do wish that the broker took the time to correct the situation.


2022-08-31 16:35:45 UTC
You can be sure that your account will never allow you to log into your cabinet again if it is blocked. Support will either tell you fairy tales about you or they might just ignore you. In my case, it was both. To be precise, you will be stopped once you start earning. It is possible to get nothing, but it won't happen. Be smarter that they are.


2022-08-31 16:36:05 UTC
Personallly, I was disappointed with OctaFX. I expected so much more. Although OctaFX does not default on payments, its list of assets and investment proposals is not extensive. The number of assets and offers available is small. This broker still allows me to trade, even though I'm looking for an alternative. I'm looking for the right company to offer passive/active earning.


2022-08-31 16:36:24 UTC
OctaFX might be less diverse than other brokers in terms both of the investment opportunities and the number of assets. I will not be leaving this platform. It's a great place to trade. Spreads are acceptable, no slippage is noticed when opening/closing trading, and access to social trades is available. I believe that this company will provide a great opportunity for professionals and beginners to collaborate.

Pepperstone ZA

2022-08-31 16:37:35 UTC
Every broker comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Pepperstone's site does not offer analytics and requires you to use additional resources. The trading conditions are good: the spread on the major pairs is slightly higher than 1p. After the news releases, the value rises. But this is not unusual for any company. However, the demo account can only be used for a month from the time it is opened. It is enough time to become familiar with the trading procedures at Pepperstone. However, the market is unpredictable and the strategy should be updated regularly. It must be tested on a real account.

Pepperstone ZA

2022-08-31 16:37:59 UTC
Cancellation of trades is a very serious problem for Pepperstone Broker. I thought it was me that was causing the cancellations. I was shocked to see how many others are in this same situation. Pepperstone doesn't want to make profits, or is that what they really mean?

Pepperstone ZA

2022-08-31 16:38:15 UTC
Pepperstone doesn't withdraw money. I asked for a $75 withdrawal. This is all that was left of my deposit. There were no issues with the application and it was confirmed immediately. After that silence. Although the money may not be so large, they have been wreaking havoc on my head for three consecutive weeks. They are crooks.

Pepperstone ZA

2022-08-31 16:38:32 UTC
I have made about $2,500 in deposits to my Pepperstone account. Traded successfully on the currency pairs USD/CAD & USD/CHF. When I wanted to withdraw funds, however, I was confronted with a problem due to the site's sudden technical issues. I wrote to support and financial services, and they assured that they had heard about the problem. They would soon fix it. However, the money was not being withdrawn. Then, during trading, I lost 3 orders. They simply didn't have enough time to process them. Five hours later, I found out that they had all been forced to close at a lower price right before the market crashed. This is clear evidence of their cheating me.

Pepperstone ZA

2022-08-31 16:38:52 UTC
Pepperstone put me in this exact situation. My profit was $480. I applied to withdraw all my profits. Only $250 was transferred. The rest of the 230 disappeared, and no one knows why. I have called support many times, asking for their explanation of my profit. Which company did this? This is why I am still unsure. I have not received my money back and they probably won't. I do not understand their attitude. They just don't want trade and to make money. I have never seen anything similar before. I am withdrawing all my deposit from the broker and leaving.

Pepperstone ZA

2022-08-31 16:39:23 UTC
I am new to and I'm not satisfied with it yet. It is rare that stops are triggered frequently. I suspect they are not allowing me to make profitable deals. It is not a problem if an order is in the red. However, stops are not triggered or triggered by strong slippage. Although the support service says that the conditions are fair, one needs to be vigilant about the trade to make a profit.

FX Varsity

2022-11-29 14:06:09 UTC