1 Best Java Programming Training Courses in Midrand

1 Best Java Programming Training Providers in Midrand, South Africa

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Academic Institute of Excellence
Established in: 2010
Cities: Midrand
Address: Oracle Close, Halfway Gardens, Midrand, 1686

The Academic Institute of Excellence believes in a future of abundance and possibilities. The new generation of leaders and visionaries will make it possible to create a future full of excellence. Excellence is in our names! Excellence is in our programs as well as in our people. Excellence is reflected on our students, both on campus and online.
Our innovative programmes prepared our students for the future of industrial disruption. This future requires a strong focus technology and innovation. We have built the foundation for excellence. Future generations will be able to solve problems, think critically and innovate to empower them.
Mentor excellence through designing learning pathways that analyze global skills needs and provide relevant programmes to address these demands.
We increase excellence by delivering programmes in an intelligent, more efficient, and cost-effective manner. By embracing technology and innovation, we extend the reach of our learning interventions.
Excellence is a way of life. We strive for continuous improvement and are committed to providing quality education.
A good education is not enough. Excellence is what will change the world. AIE for Excellence is your opportunity to excel in your studies as well as in your personal life.

Full-stack web and software developer

Cities: Midrand
Duration: 12 Months
Price: R68,080.00
Education type: Offline
A full stack web and software developer programmer that creates web-based software solutions for business problems. Full-Stack Developers are responsible for developing apps, websites, databases, and desktop solutions. AIE students who follow this track will be able to use a variety languages and tools to create both front-end and server-side software components. These languages include front end and server-side software components. These languages are Java and VueJs , NodeJs , SQL2_ and MongoDB. Java is still one of the most popular and in-demand computer programming languages. It can be used to create cross-platform coding solutions for desktop, mobile, and web platforms. Programming interactive web apps involves developing the browser application and the server-side functions. Then, you communicate online with a database to store or retrieve data.

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