1 Best Management Training Courses in Durban

1 Best Management Training Providers in Durban, South Africa

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1 The South African College of Applied Psychology
The South African College of Applied Psychology
Established in: 1997
Cities: Durban
Reviews: 7
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Coaching Skills for Managers

Cities: Durban
Duration: 12 weeks
Price: US$1,095.00
Education type: Offline
Coaching can be a powerful way for leaders and managers to ignite the best in individuals.
Coaching is the science and art of getting the best out of ourselves and our work. This style of management allows for a "progress-oriented conversation" where coaches can gain new insights, set goals, decide actions, and hold themselves accountable to achieving those goals. It also fosters growth through learning.
Internationally accredited, the Coaching Skills for Managers short program is for managers who want to use coaching skills in their current work environment.

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