5 Best PHP Programming Training Courses in Cape Town

5 Best PHP Programming Training Providers in Cape Town, South Africa

Find out where you can learn PHP Programming in the following cities :
Cape Town Sandton Durban Pretoria
CodeSpace Academy
Established in: 2002
Cities: Cape Town
Address: 6 Beach Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, 8000

CodeSpace Academy is an international education institution that teaches coding and technology skills. We provide the skills that enable people to be leaders in the technology industry and contribute to the global economy. CodeSpace graduates are well-known in the tech sector for their ability to solve problems quickly and adapt to changing work environments. In today's workplace, the most important skill is the ability to learn. CodeSpace students learn not only how code works, but also how to use new technologies and languages. Our graduates stay ahead of the game by learning new languages and technologies. So that graduates can get jobs in the tech sector, our courses cover industry-standard technologies and practices. Students are prepared for industry certifications and develop a code portfolio which is essential for any software developer. Students can learn from our world-class online portal. We make learning easy and flexible by using technology. Our courses can be arranged in modular fashion and built on each other, so students can learn the skills they require, whenever they need them.

Backend Development

Cities: Cape Town
Duration: 3 months
Price: R16,750
Education type: Offline
This course teaches you a highly-demanded skill set in backend technology. This course is a great complement to anyone who is skilled in frontend technologies but wants to become a full-stack programmer. After a brief overview of frontend languages, the course moves on to PHP, which is the most widely used language to build websites. These tools can be used to create sophisticated web applications that are data-driven using databases.
Established in: 2007
Cities: Cape Town
Address: 2nd Floor, 18 Lower-Burg Street, Cape Town, 8001

 We are an independent IT training company that offers training that transforms lives. Companies of all sizes need to ensure that their employees are constantly learning new skills in order to stay competitive and increase their bottom line. MastergradeIT training is for anyone who wants to improve themselves, regardless of their current level. We provide award-winning training solutions that are tailored to your learning style and organizational needs.
MastergradeIT is a strategic business step to establish IT infrastructure, Communication and Technology solutions and service for medium and large businesses in South Africa.
We are a strong player in the ICT sector and aim to be the most preferred provider of all IT infrastructure, Communication and Technology solutions and service.
This can only be done by working with you, our client, to deliver and maintain the most appropriate solutions for your business and applications. 

PHP & MySQL Course

Cities: Cape Town
Duration: 5 Days
Education type: Offline
PHP and MySQL are two of the most popular open-source languages. It is capable of managing large databases-driven online environments. This course will show you how to create complex Web Database Applications. PHP is a scripting language used by web developers all over the world. PHP was originally created to help coders maintain their own web pages. PHP is more than just a collection utility.
School of IT
Established in: 2015
Cities: Cape Town
Address: 2 Fir Street, Observatory (Black River Park), Cape Town, 7925

School of IT was founded by an IT enthusiast in 2015. 2x Internationally Award-winning courses: Best online Coding Bootcamp winner 2020 and Best online Coding Bootcamp participant 2021. We are determined to be leaders in the IT training industry in South Africa and internationally.
We are committed to sharing market-relevant knowledge without fuss. We want to share our vast knowledge with others, so they can grasp all the necessary skills/expertise. Knowledge is power. This gives you confidence in your field. We want you to be internationally recognized and accredited, including getting a job in the industry within 6 months.

We are industry and client-focused. To gain international exposure and level up, we also focus on Comptia, Adobe, Microsoft and Oracle qualifications. You can also start your career in IT development today. Find out what is important.

CakePHP Course

Cities: Cape Town
Price: R10 900
Education type: Offline
CakePHP is an open-source framework for web developers. It's the best platform to create beautiful and efficient web pages. The Model View Controller (MVC), a coding pattern, also assists developers in completing difficult coding tasks more efficiently. Our course covers all aspects of CakePHP.
The Knowledge Academy SA
Established in: 2010
Cities: Cape Town
Address: Century Pl Blvd & Century Way Century City Cape Town 7441 South Africa

We are the largest and most trusted provider of training courses around the globe. Our extensive experience in providing high-quality learning solutions has enabled us to offer over 30,000 courses in more than 1000 locations across 190 countries. As market leaders, we have successfully trained over 1 million delegates - demonstrating our internationally-renowned trust and unrivalled premium quality, to all of our aspiring learners.We offer prestigious delegates such as Microsoft, BCS and The Open Group. They will gain valuable knowledge that will help them succeed in their chosen career.

PHP Programming Course

Cities: Cape Town
Duration: 2 Days
Price: R40195
Education type: Offline
This certification is unique in that it teaches PHP script writing, maintenance and understanding to delegates.
This 2-day course will teach you how to create and initialize variables, use logical, relational, and arithmetic operators, and manipulate text with regular expressions.
Established in: 2005
Cities: Cape Town
Address: City Lodge Hotel Victoria and Alfred Waterfront Corner Dock Road and Alfred Street Cape Town, WC 8001 South Africa

NobleProg, an international training and consulting group, delivers high-quality courses to all sectors, including Artificial Intelligence, IT Management, Applied Statistics.
We have trained over 50,000 people in the past 17 years from more than 6000 organisations and companies.
You have the option to choose between instructor-led online courses and classroom classes (both closed and open). This allows you flexibility and choice to fit your schedule, budget, and level of expertise.
We live by what we preach. We use many of the same technologies and methods we teach. Our courses are constantly updated and improved to keep up with the latest developments. Each trainer is carefully selected and has been subject to rigorous interviews. All courses are also evaluated by delegates, ensuring that continuous improvement and feedback are provided.

RabbitMQ with PHP Training Course

Cities: Cape Town
Duration: 2 Days
Price: 15950 ZAR
Education type: Offline
RabbitMQ is an open-source enterprise messaging platform that stores and retrieves messages from servers, processes and applications. It uses a message queue to process tasks simultaneously. This is especially useful for large data sets that need to be processed in background and then respond to user requests in real-time. Participants will be able to seperate a PHP application, and then integrate it with RabbitMQ in order to create distributed cloud apps.

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