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Established in: 2000
Cities: Johannesburg
Address: 1 10th road, Kew Johannesburg 2194 South Africa

Ububele was founded by Tony and Hillary Hamburger (clinical psychologists). It is a learning centre that focuses on the emotional development of children aged 7 and under, their parents and other caregivers. Its work has been focused on mental health promotion and field testing, advocating low-cost models for preventive care and experiential training that are appropriate for low-resource settings, and advocating them since 2000. Our programmes are mostly conducted in Alexandra, which is close to Kew. Ububele, which translates to kindness, is the embodiment of the idea of public interest psychology.
Ububele's vision is based on a human rights approach to mental illness, as described in the United Nations Resolution 1386 (XIV). This includes the rights of children and adolescents to special protection and other legal and financial means to allow them to grow in a normal and healthy manner, in freedom and dignity. The best interests of the child will be considered when laws are passed for this purpose. UN General Assembly Resolution 1386 (XIV), 10.12.59

Persona Doll Training

Cities: Johannesburg
Duration: 5 weeks
Price: R3000
Education type: Offline
To teach children emotional literacy, practitioners use dolls. Children can talk to the doll about their difficult feelings and experiences by giving them a persona.
This 5 week, once per week course teaches practitioners how to use Persona dolls to help young children develop emotional literacy. Participants receive a doll and are required to give the doll a personality that is appropriate for the child group they are working with. Through their doll, they learn how to interact with children. Children can talk about their experiences with a doll that has a persona and background. The training involves group running in various practitioner contexts with supervision.
This course is for pre-school teachers, childcare workers and psychologists. It also applies to psychology and social work students.

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