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1 Best Psychology Training Providers in Johannesburg, South Africa

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Established in: 2000
Cities: Johannesburg
1 10th road, Kew Johannesburg 2194 South Africa

Persona Doll Training

Cities: Johannesburg
Duration: 5 weeks
Price: R3000
Education type: Offline
To teach children emotional literacy, practitioners use dolls. Children can talk to the doll about their difficult feelings and experiences by giving them a persona.
This 5 week, once per week course teaches practitioners how to use Persona dolls to help young children develop emotional literacy. Participants receive a doll and are required to give the doll a personality that is appropriate for the child group they are working with. Through their doll, they learn how to interact with children. Children can talk about their experiences with a doll that has a persona and background. The training involves group running in various practitioner contexts with supervision.
This course is for pre-school teachers, childcare workers and psychologists. It also applies to psychology and social work students.

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