4 Best React Js Programming Training Courses in Cape Town

4 Best React Js Programming Training Providers in Cape Town, South Africa

Find out where you can learn React Js Programming in the following cities :
Cape Town Johannesburg Durban
1 School of IT
School of IT
Established in: 2015
Cities: Cape Town
2 Fir Street, Observatory (Black River Park), Cape Town, 7925

React Native Course

Cities: Cape Town
Price: R10 900
Education type: Offline
React allows you to create scalable web pages and apps. You can also learn new skills while you work. No matter where you live, we can help you move up in your company.
We provide one-on-one training, which results in industry knowledge. This is what sets us apart from all the rest.
2 Peruzal
Established in: 2010
Cities: Cape Town
8 Hillside Road, Metropolitan Park, Parktown, Johannesburg, South Africa

React Modern Front End Web App Development

Cities: Cape Town
Duration: 5 Days
Price: R13860
Education type: Offline
React is the V of the MVVM (Model View ViewModel). frameworks. Because it uses a simple API, React is very easy to learn. This course will teach you the basics of React web apps and help you develop web apps using React.
3 The Knowledge Academy SA
The Knowledge Academy SA
Established in: 2010
Cities: Cape Town
Century Pl Blvd & Century Way Century City Cape Town 7441 South Africa

ReactJS And Redux Training

Cities: Cape Town
Duration: 1 Day
Price: R29995
Education type: Offline
This ReactJS & Redux Training teaches delegates how Redux and ReactJS can be used to create responsive user interfaces. The ReactJS environment will be set up and the JavaScript functional programming language used to program it. Also, knowledge about testing Redux, React components, and snapshot testing will be shared. Topics like virtual DOM, ReactDOM and prop as well as the component tree, state, state, and prop will be covered.
4 NobleProg
Established in: 2005
Cities: Cape Town
City Lodge Hotel Victoria and Alfred Waterfront Corner Dock Road and Alfred Street Cape Town, WC 8001 South Africa

React: Build Highly Interactive Web Applications Training Course

Cities: Cape Town
Duration: 3 days
Price: 36,075 ZAR
Education type: Offline
React is an open-source Javascript library that allows you to create interactive web or mobile apps. Although it is often compared with MVC frameworks like Ember, Backbone and Angular, React stands out in its ability to focus on the UI (the View in MVC). React's unique way of rendering highly interactive UIs has made it a popular choice.
This instructor-led live training will demonstrate React's power, flexibility, and compare it with other frameworks. Participants will be guided step-by-step through creating their own React applications.

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