1 Best Social Media Marketing (SMM) Training Courses in Durban

1 Best Social Media Marketing (SMM) Training Providers in Durban, South Africa

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1 Web Design Academy
Web Design Academy
Established in: 2014
Cities: Durban
Rope Shed, 6 Timeball Boulevard, Signal Road, The Point, Durban

Social Network Marketing and Integration

Cities: Durban
Duration: 1 Day
Price: R1700.00
Education type: Offline
The Social Media Marketing Course in Cape Town will show you how to create all accounts, customize different pages and fully make use of these social media networks . Learn how to integrate different feeds into your website or that of your clients. It is a highly sought-after skill to create custom Facebook pages.
How to create engaging content, and how to grow your followers. Additionally, you will learn how to create additional pages within your Facebook page. This is basically creating a mini-website on Facebook. Also, you will learn how to set up a Facebook competition that uses data collection. We will also discuss blogging, and how to integrate all social media widgets into your website or blog.

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